Friday, September 27, 2013

The Crumbling Empire

Had a discussion with a friend about the possibility of a Greek civil war. With the Veteran's Union in Greece pretty much offering up an ultimatum in regards to dissatisfaction with the leadership and those in power, is it any surprise? What's more of a surprise is that such an ultimatum hasn't made the rounds in North America. The corruption in Canada, nevermind the US, can been openly seen on all sides, regardless of party lines. The Liberals to the NDP to the Conservatives. None of them are saints, even though the politically affiliated will scream to the point of breathlessness.

A civil war in Canada is out of the question. Not because there isn't dissatisfaction, which there is, but because the dissatisfied lack cohesion or even the mentality necessary to revolt in such a fashion. They haven't reached their breaking point. Neither has the US, even though issues of Constitutional Rights are constantly brought up. Greece, on the other hand, has reached its breaking point.

If it's to be a civil war, there won't be foxholes. Merely dilapidated buildings crumbling from within like the corruption infecting government today. Porous, termite infested warrens destroying the fabric and structure of society crumbling around us as enemy fire chips away at the last vestiges of of the lies leaving bare the naked truth of the real destruction.

But honestly, leadership often reflects the state of the society it is taken from. It's been said that the chosen leaders are the ones the society deserves. With morally bankrupt, criminal and tyrannical leaders in power, what does it say from which stock they were taken?

The disease is inside, it is consuming, and the status quo won't do. But it will stay, at least, a little longer. Things are still comfortable, easy. Even with 50% of the US workforce on some kind of welfare, things have yet to degrade to the point where pitchforks will be seen campaigning through the streets as the mob turns on the leaders. If history has taught us anything, it's that the mob, when angered, will turn into feral dogs and bite the hand that feeds.

With a likely victory of Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party on the horizon for Canada, a likely Obama-lite, will Canada become more like its neighbor to the South? Even for the good Harper may have done, public opinion has clearly turned against him. Even in history, sometimes effective leaders were despised by the poor and rich alike. And, like history, when the rich impose their own puppet to maintain their own status quo, the empire falters, it crumbles from within.

Were it to come to a civil war, would you fight? And what for?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

RAOS - Sweetly, My Child

Hammering feet, hammering heart

Her maddening dash t'was at the start

Fightful leanings of monsters dire

She fights for life's very fire

With hazy breath, beneath jungles cowl

Aleha dashes from beasts most foul

Their roars echo through leaf and tree

Unknown pursuers, she cannot see

They gain but slowly, their romping tirade

Her last endurance, however well played

It wans away, the moon in wax

She leaves behind her bitter tracks

But gain they must, for her stamina does fall

As their triumphant roar is heard to call

One does pounce and throws her through

A tree collects her, she collapses to

And as she lies, the forest about

The beast crawls forward, her life in doubt

But it feels fear, looks to the sky

Knowing that soon that something must die

Shaking off its question as to the noisesome sound

It turns to Aleha, ready to bound

From the canopy he drops, released from the crown

Taking the beast and forcing it down

A spear is driven through skull and through brain

And ripped roughly away so the gore may drain

He turns to Aleha who begins to scream

She wishes on his approach that this all is a dream

And standing before her, he unfurls his hand

But she rejects this offer for it was not planned

He grips her shirt slowly, revealing her wound

And Aleha does faint, believing herself doomed


She awakes but slowly to light and to pain

The world is awful, a sunny stain

Aleha yelps loudly, musical and lofty

As the wolf-beast before her speaks softly

His name is Amarouk, the alien Vadasian

But she cannot understand him in his quiet passion

His words sound so brutal, so harsh and so mean

Not like her whistling chiming, a sight unseen

They speak but can't hear, their words all a-mangle

Two languages so different, just all a jangle

But Amarouk is smart, brighter than seemed

And fashions a device so that understanding is gleamed

He knows not where he is, but knows of the danger

And so asks Aleha for help, although she's a stranger

She is uncertain, not wanting to give aide

For she wants something in return, a favor or trade

He agrees to slowly, amused by her intent

Because he understands the leaning of her bent

She isn't a warrior who can fight any of the beasts

A child of love, of kindness in all of the least

Collecting his gear and the child to his care

They move deeper still into the jungle fare

She trips and she falls, not sure of her feet

But Amarouk is patient, tutor, father, discrete

He instructs her to walk, to quiet and to still

As the monsters cannot see them without motion and frill

They see through their ears, blind in their eyes

No noise must they make or loose their disguise

Amarouk and Aleha, so slowly they tread

The day turns to night, Aleha wishes for bed

They make up their camp, a small bivouac

And Amarouk tells her that they will be hard to track


In the morning is terror, she runs once more

As the creatures return to settle the score

Hounded by day and hounded by night

Aleha and Amarouk continue their plight

Many days come and go, the two growing close

Amarouk her guardian, she a child at most

He teaches her of his home, of Vadasian lore

Aleha is astonished, always wanting more

Of his history and past, their wars and their peace

Fallen from their moon when an age of strife ceased

The great calamity split what have once been one

And two peoples arose when all was done

Vadas and Vadasian, of land and of air

Their separation from their Goddess all but unfair

Those of the land were found on the world

While the moon housed the airy lives of the unfurled

He himself was of the founded plainsmen

Although his people were at peace with their ken

He spoke of his wife, a beauteous creature

And of his two sons, one with an odeous feature

But then he grew sad, his tale slowly dying

Because his wife was long in grave lying

It hurt him deeply, his face a pained expression

Without of the love of his life he was full of depression

But though he was weary, he tried to but smile

For Aleha tried to lighten him with guile

So they moved further on, with no goal in sight

Evading the monsters as was wont of their plight


It happened quickly, the beast came up fast

The Vadasian and child would fight to the last

Aleha did scream, a melody of fear

As Amarouk had become the guardian dear

He threw his javelin, the aim but true

Crunching through skull, its flesh did spew

Rivulets and runnings, the gore was falling

Aleha found the violence appalling

Amarouk moved so quickly, enamored in armor

The beasts soon fell to this violent charmer

His pneumatic spear felled one and all

The hissing of its punch an angry thrall

Thrown and latched, it clung to their side

With gory emergence the creatures soon died

But for all his speed, he was but one against many

And soon the wolf-man fell to their enmity

Gorged through by tusk violently from behind

His bowels leaping to the ground he did find

His corded life seeping away in the sun

Eyes turned to Aleha as he told her to run

With life soon extinguished, he collapsed to the earth

Mawing jaws crunching armor in a strange kind of mirth

The slopping of gullets as his essence did purge

No one to remember, no funeral dirge

Her eyes did water, tears flowing free

The monsters consumed with a disturbing glee

Her terror was mounting knowing she would soon follow

Although in her heart was a hole, she was hollow

She remember his words, his teachings and guidance

And moved slowly away, escaping by chance

For Aleha knew if she stayed, her fate would be sealed

So hoped for her life with the hand she was dealed


Aleha did run, her pursuers were screaming

She wished once more that she were dreaming

The sky was red, the sun just peeking

And the monsters once more were out and seeking

They caught up to her as eventually they would

And the crimson-skinned girl was quiet as she could

But her fear was rising, chocking up from inside

Not for the first time she wished Amarouk hadn't died

With no means of escape and no means to defend

She looked about for anything that would lend

A hand to help and a hand to guide

She needed a plan to ensure death was denied

But she was a girl, no warrior in truth

Never been trained beyond the ideal of her youth

So she tried just this once, attempting for luck

But it soon ran out, and she found herself stuck

Fate couldn't be denied, his plan was in motion

Aleha could hear the beasts sniffing the air in commotion

Amarouk had said they they see with their ears

But he hadn't ever bet on the noses of peers

Turning to her in one, they had spied her out

And just this once the girl began to pout

It can't end like this, was his life such a waste?

That Amarouk would be killed, eaten, debased?

Her tears came once more, falling from eyes

As the beasts came once more for their singular prize

It was then that she died, poor Aleha the child

Her life was forfeit, her body defiled

A wolf-man and girl, in a jungle so deep

Where monsters roamed freely to eat and to reap

A place of mourning where the dead were lain

For the jungle consumed all, the livings bane

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Plugs - Landscaping Your Escape

Should've probably done this a while ago. Friend of mine wrote an excellent story piece. Go read it, you won't be disappointed.