Saturday, October 14, 2006

It's a revival! Or not...

So, I got a laptop ... a month ago. And it's taken me that whole month to get back, find my login, find my password, change the look of the blog and formulate just exactly I wanted to write about for my latest blog entry. Well, let's see, what's happened...

Well, in the past eight months, I did my BMQ (Basic Military Qualification), which I graduated from in May. Then I did my SQ (Soldier Qualification), which I graduated from in August, then my CQC (Close Quarters Combat), which I finished up a whole week ago, and am now awaiting my BIQ (Basic Infantry Qualification), which is in a week. A lot of training, eh? So, I updated my blog, I updated my site, I started a new duel, I began writing again, I've read a few novels, I made a bunch of friends and I learned a fair amount about the profession I signed up for. Not all bad, right? Well...

There was some new guys added to my platoon at the start of CQC. When I graduated from SQ, I ended the course with 28 people, having started with 33. I knew these guys since basic. We grooved, knew each other and our own limits. We understood each other. Well, we added 12 new guys to round the number out to a nice even 40. Well, these new guys don't exactly groove with the rest of the platoon. Sure, some of us get along with the new guys better than others, these new guys have caused pretty much nothing but problems.

In the past week, we've: gotten in a fight, been marked by the MPs as shit-disturbers, toilet-papered a hallway, broke a cinder-block wall, broke the windows on two doors, smashed apart one closet locker, been marked as shit-disturbers by our course Warrent, been marked as shit-disturbers by the base RSM, have had our electronics confiscated during the week, and flipped several beds, frames, mattresses and all.

That's in a one week period. I hate to think about how things are going to go down for the next eight weeks of course. This is gonna suck. Hard.

Friday, October 06, 2006


So I changed the layout of SI and made it an exact duplicate of the new layout for Juryrigged. Not too bad a layout, I think. Hope you all like it and what not. I'm still working on coming up with some updates, although then again with my rather hectic schedule, that might not be likely. I've still got a lot of training to go through, so we'll just have to wait and see.


- W. Visarett