Saturday, May 30, 2009

No Job Nancy

I got myself ready for work in the same fashion I always do, with the same generalized, apathetic malaise. I make my lunch, assemble the little bits of food I'll eat during break, toss it all into my bag, and wait out the last half hour before I leave for the afternoon/night shift I just got put on. After switching from day's to nights, I can say it's leaving me tired. My body isn't used to this staying up late crap yet, so after doing one shift this week, a second is definitely going to be a task to complete. Eventually, as time winds down, I leave.

Bide my time, flying down the highway at one-ten kilometers an hour, I make it to the plant in a half hour. Park and notice most of the guys who work my shift are standing around outside chatting, which is somewhat unusual. I walk up, say hi, get told there's a meeting at 4:30. I nod, walk inside, drop my bag, go back outside for a few minutes, chat about random, nonessential crap. After a few minutes, back inside. Everyone gets sat down around the table. I already know what's coming, too. We'd gotten a talk last week. I figured this would be my last week of work.

The boss tells us that things aren't going well. He has to do layoffs. I was expecting this already. I've gotten my resume up to date in anticipation of this. Can't say I've even been the optimistic one. But the boss says it's only temporary. He expects to have us all back in a few weeks. After all, we sell water, and things always pick up in the summer. This is true, so there's still the possibility that it could happen. But I know that, being the pessimist that I am, I'm still going to be handing out resumes. Because even though the boss says eventually, I have bills to pay, and I need work. So come Monday, I'll be beating the pavement. And with Summer on the way, certain places will be hiring.

Damn this recession bullshit.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Condensed RP/Dueling Guide

The whole role playing guide scene has a few big names in it, or at least a few big names if you've been around long enough to recognize them, otherwise they're just names, nobodies, has-beens and the forgotten of an age long dead. The guides they wrote are still around, still used and still circulated. However, time passes, and like some buildings, or even people, the guides themselves have not aged well. Dated is the best word for it. Stuck most definitely in a simpler time of role playing, back in the infancy of Forum Role Play and Dueling, even before dueling actually came about! This is a somewhat straight-forward attempt to revise all those guides, amalgamate them into a single entity that can be easily updated from time to time. That's my hope at least; we'll see how it goes.

  • [1.0] Introduction
    • Forum Role Playing is the act of creating and playing as a fictitious, imaginary character through written means; i.e.: you write about your character.
    • Forum Dueling is the use of the aforementioned character to fight someone elses character.
    • Forum Wars are several duels stuffed into a single thread involving many people
  • [1.1.0] Character Creation
    • A character seen to be played most often grows to become a representative of the player in the RP world.
    • It's good to design representative characters well.
    • It's good to know representative characters thoroughly.
    • Is the most important part of any role play or duel.
    • What a character begins as is irrelevant; they generally evolve over time and use into something greater.
  • [1.1.1] Name
    • Names aren't always necessary.
    • Easier for others to address/reference a named character.
  • [1.1.2] Age
    • Age and lifespan can be either realistic or surreal.
    • Most of the time determines abilities or knowledge attained.
  • [1.1.3] Gender
    • Male and female are the norms.
    • There's also hermaphrodites, egg-layers and more. Try something different and new!
  • [1.1.4] Race
    • Race can be anything from human to alien or mythological beings.
    • If your character is described to be an angel or demon your peers may automatically assume it is the typical model with the typical attributes.
    • Heads up: wholly demonic/angelic/etc. characters are often initially regarded by hardliners as tasteless and amateurish; dare to dream/change their mind.
  • [1.1.5] Appearance
    • Anime is usually the typical inspiration in appearance.
    • Gruff, overwrought persons with bad-hair aren't typically done, but are enjoyed.
  • [1.1.6] Personality
    • The emotional spectrum of a human, or something odd and alien if you're into the surreal stuff.
    • The actions, attitudes and peevish (or pet peeves) behavior of your character.
  • [1.1.7] Weaponry
    • Weapons can be any number of types from guns (small, large, energy) to magic to blunt force trauma (clubs, spears, swords and everyones favorite, the katana).
    • Magic is the antithesis to tech and vice versa.
    • Magic drains a user, tech uses gadgets that drain batteries.
    • Guns and missiles travel fast; evasion of them is difficult at the best of times.
  • [1.1.8] Special Abilities
    • Can be any number of things.
    • Consists of elemental control (fire, water, wind, lightning, etc.) if magical.
    • Is any number of tech abilities (lasers, missiles, teleportation devices, etc.) if you have the gadgets.
    • Some abilities are innate, others require a gadget to perform or the knowing of a specific spell/incantation.
  • [1.1.9] Elementals and Antithesis
    • Main elements are: fire, wind, water, earth, holy/light, unholy/darkness, time/space, ice, lightning, gravity.
    • Sci-Fi/Tech are: pyrokinesis, telekinesis, hydrokinesis, geokinesis, photokinesis (for light and dark), telepathy, cryokinesis, eletrokinesis, and telepathy again.
  • [1.1.10] Background
    • Character history; the backbone to any major, fully fleshed out character.
    • Can elaborate on character flaws, if any.
    • Is a method of making a character more noteworthy or interesting; can sometimes backfire.
    • Some character histories will contain great struggles/turmoil in the characters past; is a means of making the character more believable
  • [2.0] What is Dueling?
    • Interactive combat through writing expression; involves the usual attack/counter scenarios, sometimes with more story-oriented plot if so chosen.
    • Is considered an art form of a kind.
    • Does not always have to be action or fighting oriented.
    • Can sometimes be completely story based/driven sans action.
    • Various people advocate different areas of dueling more than others; i.e.: action over storytelling or vice versa.
  • [2.1.1] Description
    • The language/words chosen to convey thoughts and expressions.
    • Main use in creating attacks, setting and mood.
    • Weighs in on the strength of the attack/counter/defense/evasion; is equated to power.
    • Good description is clear, concise description.
  • [2.1.2] Creativity
    • Catch phrase; integral to dueling.
    • The use of ideas to make for original, awe-inducing and inspiring attacks.
    • Enhances the writing and character.
    • Power overwhelming.
  • [2.1.3] Ingenuity
    • Being clever or inventive; using skill over brute force in writing.
    • Not just doing something new, but doing something old and making it new.
    • Using characteristics or weapons your character already has to maximum effect.
    • Not resorting to Dues Ex Machina tactics.
    • Can trump other attacks over being original if done well.
  • [2.1.4] Originality
    • Key to dueling.
    • Doing what isn't the norm or hasn't been seen before.
    • Makes for a more enjoyable read.
  • [2.1.5] Quality
    • More necessary than quantity.
    • Is used to gauge style of writing and use of language/words.
    • Bad writing is bad quality is bad dueling. Vice versa isn't always true.
    • Good writing isn't always quality which isn't always good dueling.
  • [2.1.6] Attention to Detail
    • Ability to read, understand and comprehend all kinds of posts.
  • [2.2.0] Styles
    • [2.2.1] True
      • No allowed auto hits; you do not describe damage inflicted to your opponent at all.
      • When attacked, do not fully avoid or negate enemy attacks.
      • Opponents decide damage done to their characters from your attacks through your writing.
      • No use of your opponents character.
      • Avoid god-modding.
    • [2.2.2] Mix / Semi-True
      • Allows some pre-major attack hits, called auto-hits; auto hits cannot be avoided.
      • Auto-hit damage is described by the attacker; is not to do major damage to opponent character.
      • Must be well described and executed to be enjoyable.
      • Participants agree to rule-set before the match.
      • Avoid god-modding.
    • [2.2.3] Cheez
      • God-modding.
      • Doing anything you want to your opponents.
      • You are immortal and cannot be killed.
      • Designed for more humor-based dueling.
  • [2.3] Duration
    • Length of time in duels is variable.
    • Time flow is set by the players.
    • Can be hours to days to weeks, or even months in the extreme cases; this includes not only time within the duel, but real-life time.
    • Can be an agreed upon post count; i.e.: five posts each, intro, three attacks, outro.
  • [2.4] Advantages
    • Your opponent leaves themselves open to attack all the time; look for these openings and exploit them.
    • Be aware you leave yourself open in your attacks as well.
    • Be decisive, take the initiative.
    • Be aggressive, don't let up attacks.
    • Smack talk is leaving yourself open to attacks because you stand there; in reality, nobody stands and listens to you blather on, they look to hit you in the face.
    • Be flexible, in that a duel is a constantly changing series of events and you must bend and flow with them.
    • Be exploitative, in that you must take advantage of every opening your opponent has.
    • Never jump back when you can sidestep; never sidestep when you can duck; never duck when you can catch your opponents attack and turn it against them.
  • [2.5] Fair is Passé
    • Both sides will agree to rules in a duel.
    • Some rules are unspoken agreements, generally relating to dueling style; usually true is the default.
    • Changes to these unspoken rules must be made in advance and agreed upon before the duel, not during.
    • The expectation is that you will not deviate from these agreements.
  • [2.6] Attack Types
    • Three distinct forms of attack: physical, magical and technological.
    • Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.
    • Tech can be seen to be the strongest because it places the least amount of stress on the user (player) as opposed to magical or physical attacks.
  • [3.0] General
    • Extremely short posts with no useful information are annoying.
    • Multiple short posts that could have been consolidated into a single post are even more annoying.
    • Leave your character open to interaction with others.
    • Always seek to improve your writing; by proxy, this should improve your role playing ability.
  • [4.0.1] Coincidences and Knowledge
    • There is a difference from what you know (the player) and what the character knows.
    • You cannot know what another character knows; exceptions would be extrapolating or using conjecture to come up with the answer; this may only be done well if you know of the other character in an RP of some kind previously.
    • As in reality, if the opponent character is a stranger, you know nothing of them or their abilities.
    • You are not omnipotent and cannot know everything.
  • [4.0.2] Out of Bounds
    • You cannot control your opponents characters in duels; same goes for RPs.
    • It is impossible to know what a person would do with their own character in every given situation.
    • Is a reference to cheez.
  • [4.0.3] Common Sense; Not so Common
    • Don't use language not suited to the RP; i.e.: 1337-speak, or slang in a medieval RP.
    • The better you RP, the better your posts will be (in theory!); writing style and ability does play into this as well.
    • You don't always have to be the super-special, amazingly awesome character; try NOT being super-powered and over-done.
    • Being "special" is a bit of an oxymoron; your character is (generally) different from someone elses; this isn't true if your character is tall, has silver hair, carries a katana and goes by the name 'Sephiroth.'
    • Don't limit your creativity; every little bit helps for something more interesting.
    • Unless it's normal for your character, random murder is a no-no.
    • When joining an RP, don't jump in without a clue; either read everything to become familiar with what's going on or ask for a summary.
    • Take into consideration all description; it offers information that could be useful.
    • Stay within the bounds of your character; i.e.: only have your character do what it would NORMALLY do, unless sudden changes are meant for a reason.
    • Know the direction location of all characters in an RP or duel; this is so you can properly correlate the information to your character, such as being a specific distance away from the target, etc.
    • Understand key differences in direction of a person and their incoming attacks.
  • [5.0] Role Plays
    • There are various kinds.
    • Some are more action, others more story, and some fall in between.
    • A moderated RP is driven along its course by a host; host gives problems for players to solve and goals to attain.
    • Planned quest RP is player driven, with a core group mapping out what will happen in the course of the RP.
    • Serious Quest is similar to planned, only with more players; involves only a basic storyline with players making it up as they go along.
    • A battle RP, duel or war, usually quick paced but sometimes happening over a series of days or even weeks until completed; detail sometimes overlooked more in favor of getting action oriented posts out; generally involve two people, but more can join in.
    • There are two main styles of RP, being the fantasy RP and the real-life; second is based on reality.
    • Can be hurt in progression if there are too many people on any one side; i.e.: too many good guys or bad guys.
  • [6.0] Abbreviations
    • OOC: Out of Character
    • IC: In Character
    • FRP: Forum Role Play/Playing
    • FD: Forum Duel/Dueling
    • RPC: Role Playing Character
    • RP: Role Play

Friday, May 15, 2009

Chat - Vol 6

(22:40:38) MasterHIM: How freakish? Would I have been disturbed?

(22:41:08) Wolf: Probably, especially when I did a Vicky-like squeal of joy.

(22:41:50) MasterHIM: ...

(22:41:59) MasterHIM: I am disturbed right now, if that's any consolation.

(22:42:05) Wolf: Hurrah!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

The State of Affairs

I've noticed something about my life: things never quite go over well, and despite how badly it might be going, or even if there are signs pointing to worse weather beyond the horizon, I keep barreling through at a madcap pace regardless of how my mood or life will be affected in the end state. Well, as it so happens, this is exactly what I'm doing once again. All for the sake of getting that blasted, forsaken piece of bullshit real estate: my new apartment. Getting it is an adventure, I'll tell you. It would only have been marginally MORE fun if machetes had actually been involved. Sadly, they weren't. Oh, where to begin, where to begin. Oh, I know, why not at the start of this glorifyingly trite misadventure! So, here how it all goes:

I was looking for a place. I need my own place, and talking with my sister, decided we could get a place together, split costs. Well, my dad got involved, offered to look into a few places for me while I worked. Was a good offer. Well, he managed to secure a hook-up at a pretty decent apartment building with good monthly rent. Only $800 a month; that's really good. I mean, I won't complain a whole lot about that. So, the landlady gives us a tour of the place on Saturday. It looks good. We say we'll come back on Monday to look at another place that's opening up. Monday rolls in: we say we'll take it. She says she'll drop off papers Tuesday so we can get moved in on the first of May. Tuesday rolls around, no papers. Call her up, she says Wednesday. Wednesday rolls around, still no papers. In fact, through the entire week, we didn't get the papers. My sister had to go up to the landlady's house at 7:00 PM at night to get said papers, but only ended up with half of them, on a Saturday. That was last week.

Filled those out. Sunday rolls around. It's the third, and we still have no keys for the apartment. Calling her up, she opens the place up so we can start moving things in, despite not having filled out all the paperwork yet. Spend the entirety of Sunday calling her, asking where she is. On the hour, every hour, all day Sunday, I called this woman demanding to know where the rest of the papers were, were the second set of keys for the apartment were, and how long it would take her to get to MY location to give them to me. Oh, only fifteen minutes. Hour later I call again. Same thing. Finally I track her down and go to where SHE is to get the last bit. But, even with the final bit of paperwork done and money knocked off this months rent because of her retarded shenanigans, still no second set of keys. But, officially, the apartment is now mine. Yay, right? Not so much.

Turns out the cleaning she said the place would get; yeah, it didn't get that. I had to clean up the entire place over the entire week. Vacuuming, washing walls, the works. Filthy. I also took pictures of the damages already in the apartment so this idiot of a woman couldn't turn around and fuck me over for it later. Had them stamped by the developer with the date and the places' stamp. Some small measure of security is had. So, finally after two weeks of retarded idiocy, I'm finally, FINALLY, moving into the apartment. Why I do this crap, I don't even know anymore. It's like I enjoy stressing myself out over other peoples stupid bullshit. But I guess it might be too much to ask that people be punctual and accountable for their actions and do the things they say they will do.