Thursday, May 01, 2008

WPCA - Welcome to Hell, Enjoy Your Stay Prt 6

Vakarro found himself wandering the steets himself, much like Demon did. However, Vakarro considered himself a re-born Samuel L Jackson, even though he wasn't black. It didn't matter. He was on a mission to wipe-out the entire Fascintern army, no matter the cost. However, as he was best deciding on how to move his troops forward so they might destroy (the largely imaginary) army, he felt a tingling sensation on the back of his neck. Looking, he saw a woman with a cookie starring at him. Oh, she was devilishly cute. Why, Vakarro was certain she could probably be the most wonderful woman he had ever laid eyes upon. But, it wasn't a compliment that spewed forth from his mouth.

"The hell you looking at?" he demanded of the woman.

She starred at him, mouth agap, jaw slowly sliding down to the ground.

"I said, what. The hell. Are you looking at?"

The woman still had no reply for this. She began to make murmuring sounds, "ums" and "ahs", but never quite getting to the elegent point of eliciting a spoken response.

"Do you speak English?" Nothing. "Sprechen Sie English?" Still nothing. "Parle vou Anglishe?" More nothing. "Speaky you English?"

Then, as if jarred loose, she managed a reply: "You are such a jerk!"

"Oh, my dear Lord in Heaven! She speaks! Can I get an Amen?"


"I said, can I get an Amen?"

"No, you creep!"

"Creep? You're the one starring at me like a stalker and suddenly I'm the creep? Where do you think you can come down at me like that?"

"Well, I, uh,..."

"I, uh, think you should get the point."

"Well, I thought that maybe,..."

"Girl, I don't think you took the time to make a coherent thought! Why, your brain is probably attached to your listless little jaw, dragging on the ground too much. I think you got brain damage!"

The girl didn't reply. She turned beat red, fury overtaking her. Then, in a fit of rage, "I'll get you, you stupid Imperial scum!"

"Scum? I don't even know who you are? How are you, going to get me?"

"Well, uh..."

"That's what I thought, uh, what was your name?"


"Yeah, that's what I thought, Blossom."

But she didn't reply then. Angrily, she turned and stalked away, arms held rigidly at her sides. Then she was off around a corner and out of sight. Vakarro was certain he'd see her again, and when he did, he would definately get her number.