Friday, September 27, 2013

The Crumbling Empire

Had a discussion with a friend about the possibility of a Greek civil war. With the Veteran's Union in Greece pretty much offering up an ultimatum in regards to dissatisfaction with the leadership and those in power, is it any surprise? What's more of a surprise is that such an ultimatum hasn't made the rounds in North America. The corruption in Canada, nevermind the US, can been openly seen on all sides, regardless of party lines. The Liberals to the NDP to the Conservatives. None of them are saints, even though the politically affiliated will scream to the point of breathlessness.

A civil war in Canada is out of the question. Not because there isn't dissatisfaction, which there is, but because the dissatisfied lack cohesion or even the mentality necessary to revolt in such a fashion. They haven't reached their breaking point. Neither has the US, even though issues of Constitutional Rights are constantly brought up. Greece, on the other hand, has reached its breaking point.

If it's to be a civil war, there won't be foxholes. Merely dilapidated buildings crumbling from within like the corruption infecting government today. Porous, termite infested warrens destroying the fabric and structure of society crumbling around us as enemy fire chips away at the last vestiges of of the lies leaving bare the naked truth of the real destruction.

But honestly, leadership often reflects the state of the society it is taken from. It's been said that the chosen leaders are the ones the society deserves. With morally bankrupt, criminal and tyrannical leaders in power, what does it say from which stock they were taken?

The disease is inside, it is consuming, and the status quo won't do. But it will stay, at least, a little longer. Things are still comfortable, easy. Even with 50% of the US workforce on some kind of welfare, things have yet to degrade to the point where pitchforks will be seen campaigning through the streets as the mob turns on the leaders. If history has taught us anything, it's that the mob, when angered, will turn into feral dogs and bite the hand that feeds.

With a likely victory of Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party on the horizon for Canada, a likely Obama-lite, will Canada become more like its neighbor to the South? Even for the good Harper may have done, public opinion has clearly turned against him. Even in history, sometimes effective leaders were despised by the poor and rich alike. And, like history, when the rich impose their own puppet to maintain their own status quo, the empire falters, it crumbles from within.

Were it to come to a civil war, would you fight? And what for?