Saturday, April 15, 2006

Interwebs...Serious Business.

Seems a good time to write this blog as I haven’t written one in awhile, and the mayhem on GameFAQs relates to what it is about. I was given the idea of “Self Control” from Clovis about a week back, and told to comment on how people take the internet too seriously—how they need to exhibit a little self control. So, on a Role Playing note I’ll comment on Chimed’s World Cup Tournament. I’ve noticed the many different styles, not of writing, but of how each writer goes about their writing. Some are very adamant about their posts; getting them up just hours after their opponent makes his move. Others, like myself, find that we are racing the time limit to get in an attack. Some even sacrifice quality to get one in, and others just say, “I’ll post when I feel like it damn it! Stop rushing me!”

Another big issue is the level of seriousness taken in the duels. Coming together in a site-wide tournament involving so many boards—so many styles, is bound to bring up issues involving a character’s acceptability, if their attacks fall under the category of cheeze, or if he is too godly to be fighting. Sometimes I can understand where the complaints are coming from; if an attack involves a bottle of lube, a supernova, and your ass, it is probably cheezing, but in some cases duelists confuse unorthodox with overpowering. Maybe they can’t accept the change of styles from the days when the dueled…or maybe they just aren’t sure how to change.

This leads me into my next point; Ceej, better known as CJayC, updated the boards about a week ago. He gave them a sleek new look and switched around the home page a bit. He even gave the boards a pHp template instead of having tons of html documents. Doesn’t sound like a very big deal, right? Maybe even sounds helpful, right? Well, if you visit the boards you would think the world was ending. Some of the users are just being unreasonable. I’ve encountered multiple threats to actually leave GameFAQs. Keep in mind, all we have is a new style, but no loss of content, no blockage of boards; basically the same face with some new make-up, and yet these people are so attached to the past that they would rather not come at all than to get used to a new look…



You people are going to get ulcers. Control thy selves!