Saturday, April 26, 2008

Graceless Infidel

Blaze the night black, see the stars shine
Firearms clack, face-down in the brine
I hear my sergeant calling, screaming for a man
The mortars are a tolling, killing the little lambs

So I'm joined up in the stack, pass along the tap
Enter the room and crack! Fallen for the trap
Caught up in a crossfire, shooting at the dust
Fallen in the mire, this battle is a bust

And now a trumpet trembles, wailing like my mother
The recruiters, they just scramble, to try and enroll my brother
The people begin to protest, say "the sacrifice's a waste!"
As our freedom's put to rest, and our country's lost it's grace

But this war is here to stay, a fight like any other
Extremists in drug addled stupor, killing my sister and mother
So I take my rifle and gear, and head for the door
To fight with my peers, against the insurgents war

They say I am an infidel, I call them little beebs
Monkey's with Kalashnikov's, I fight and begin to seeth
But the war will never end, a pity, what's the more
They've no sense of time, and wait to settle the score

So even when I'm old, unable to continue the fight
Their kids will take up arms, to kill off us infidel blight