Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Forum Dueling Basics - Dead Weight

It sinks like a stone in water, a bird that just got caught in a hail of rounds from a duck hunting party. It isn't graceful in the least. It's monstrous, bulbous, and it's crashing with the finesse of a cannonball at a diving competition in the Summer Olympics. It's dueling and role playing, and it's in decline, and fading beneath the waters like a sad little wet dream by a teen ashamed to have been caught with a mess in his bed. If you ever stopped to look at role playing and dueling, you'll even see it isn't the once vibrant, living being of sunshine and rainbows it once was. Instead, you see a husk, a decaying and malnourished creature barely surviving on the limited scrapes fed to it by the few still interested in the art, and even their interest is waning.

But the question is why? The answer is actually simple: lives. All those teens who found their mainstay on the boards in dueling and role playing got on with their lives. They got jobs, went to university and college, dropping dueling and role playing like so much dead weight. The sadder part, though, isn't that these intrepid creationists who built up the art left, it's that they didn't bother to pass it on to anybody else. They just left, ran off the track with the baton and forgot to give the next runner in line a chance at equaling or besting the record. No, instead you have the current generation of role players and duelists that are lackluster at best, and when one of those so highly esteemed in legend for their prowess in the art happens to come on by, all they can do is complain angrily that something they spearheaded with such ferocity is being destroyed.

Sad, really.

Now, the bad part on my behalf is that I'm being hypocritical in a sense. I'm just as bad as any other person who happens along and complains about how good the old days were compared to how they are now. I'm one of those people who found a job, found a life, grew up and moved on. But I still have the spark, somewhere, and maybe if I can revive that little bestial thing, I might return to my former glory and actually deserve the respect that's been given to me. A dream, but a start.

So, how do you fix this problem? Well, the current role players and duelists could just learn how to write in the first place, and learn to put some effort and love behind what they do. That would work, but only so far. You can't convince all the people who left to come back, either, to fix the problem themselves. Their lives interfere, and whatever takes priority in their life, be it their job, their spouse, their gaming habits or even children, would take precedence over dueling and role player. In the end, it really falls into the hands of the current and new generation. They have the opportunity to build on or destroy what the previous generation did. You could also cut out the older folks who don't do anything other than complain (myself included), which would improve things as well.

Several things you could do. They might work, might not. But it's not in my hands to decide what goes down. Your problems, you fix 'em. I'm just the advice guy in the corner.

Monday, February 19, 2007


So, I've been creating weapons on the Veteran's board, and these are all the one's I've made so far, including those from my previous topic. Note that all the weapons are fictional. So, here they are:


Welcome to Create-a-Weapon, where you request a design and I put it together! All designs will be sci-fi tech-based weaponry, all fictional. Warships, armors, firearms. You name it, I'll create it.

  • All weapons are open to my personal interpretation. Just because you ask for something exact doesn't mean it'll be made that way.
  • I reserve the right to refuse to make any weapon at any time.
  • All weapons are tech, meaning they are machines. No weapons may control life, souls, or anything supernatural. They will be technological in design and origin.
  • There will be NO biological weapons created. This includes plagues, viruses, bacteria, DNA, RNA, cell composition, or anything else that I can't think of at this time.
    • Addendum: However, bio-technology, such as the mating of organic and technological components will be considered.
  • No weapons will manipulate elements (fire, water, lightning, holy, etc), except in specific cases, like lightning (allowed), and no weapons will affect weather (except perhaps wind).
  • Do NOT ask for a shotgun, sniper rifle, assault rifle or handgun UNLESS you have an original idea for one.
  • You may only ask for ONE weapon at any given time, and may not ask multiple weapons or another weapon until the previous weapon asked for has been made.
  • Joke weapon requests, or weapon requests that do not make sense, will be ignored/not made. If the weapon seems silly to you (or me), don't post it -- it won't be made.
  1. VTD X02-01NSDIW Svathleit (Nervous System Disruption Impact Weapon)

    The X02-01SDIW, or 'Svathleit', is an impact weapon. However, it is an impact weapon with a rather underhanded secondary use. The surface of the weapon contains an ionic charge. The charge is delivered when the weapon comes into contact with the flesh of any creature. The ion charge floods into the nervous system and disrupts the flow of electrons already there. It causes the individual to fall to the ground in a spastic mass. Similar to a taser. If a large enough charge is delivered, brain damage may result.

  2. VTD X03-01GCAW Verderlandt (Gauss Coil Assault Weapon)

    The X03-01GCAW, of Verderlandt, is a basic assault weapon. It is an electromegneticly powered weapon, using a series of small, concentric magnets to fire off its caseless ammunition. Capable of firing 700 rounds per minute, the Verderlandt has enough stopping power to take down an Elephant within a few short bursts. The Verderlandt is capable of auto and semi-auto fire, with an effective range of 400 meters (shoulder fired), and 1200 meters (prone). It weights approx. 4.7 kg, 5.4 kg fully loaded with a 200 round magazine.

  3. VTD X04-01LRAAW Persephone (Long-Range Anti-Armor Weapon)

    The Visarett Technologic Division X04-01LRAAW, nicknamed the Persephone, is a breech loaded, shoulder fired, recoilless weapon with a maximum effective range of4700 meters. Using several variations of ammunition, its main armament is an anti-matter warhead assisted in travel by a high-powered rocket engine, the AMD82 RAP. The warhead of is capable of limited guidance control, and can hit moving targets to a degree; however, the weapon is better suited to stationary, high-priority targets. It weights approx. 22.1 kg.

  4. VTD XS2101 V1GB22 Lausdeyheit

    The Lausdeyheit is an interesting bombardment vehicle. It fires off a composite alloy shell similar in design to a sabot round with a high yeild warhead, the 22MGB. The round itself has an advanced, satelite targeting system, and can land on a pin-head even when fired from over forty kilometers distance. The penetration of the weapon is aided by use of a special fusion rocket, which adds to the explosiveness of the weapon. It is capable of penetrating 1000 meters of pure granite. However, there are drawbacks to the design; the further the penetration the less powerful the resulting explosion is. A depth meter can be set to maximize the explosiveness of the shell upon impact with the target.

  5. VTD XS2103 MGPS1 Bahlyelos

    The Visarett Technologica Development MGPS1, or Bahlyelos, is a simply designed craft. Approximately 2000 meters in length, the ship bristles with only a single weapons emplacement, a co-axial, ship-spanning super-laser mounted on a power generation unit with four massive Hox & Rkal VTX-009N2 Ion Engines. There is only a small cabin aboard the Bahlyelos, enough for the twenty man crew to live comfortably. The weapon is based off a previous 'Vihaa Doch' design, but instead of being a "Ship Killer," the power output is far greated. The weapon, the 'Weltsmörder', or "World Killer." It fires a concentrated blast that excites the particles of any mass it hits. The excited particles begin to lose cohesion with one another in an accelerated fashion. Bonds between them are broken, and the affected mass begins to break apart in a heavily explosive manner.

  6. VTD XS2105 Gralner M23 RCU

    The M23 RCU is an interesting firearm. It fires only a single type of ammunition from its 10mm chamber: a bullet, but the round is filled with dissociative (a dissociative is a drug which reduces (or blocks) signals to the conscious mind from other parts of the brain, typically, but not necessarily, limited to the physical senses.). These chemicals are designed to become vapor upon impact. Results are almost always immediate, with anything from delirium to dreamlike states of mind which may resemble some psychedelic mindstates. The M23 RCU has a 7 round clip, and fires only in a semi-automatic capacity. The weapon itself weighs in at 800 grams.

  7. VTD XS2105 Gralner M23 RCU Mk2

    Unlike it's predecessor, the M23 RCU Mk2 fires multiple types of ammunition. While it is still capable of using the dissociative ammunition, it has also been modified to fire miniature APDS, or armor-peircing discarding sabot, which can be filled with various neuro-toxins to incapacitate or kill a target. Also, depending on what's needed, it can fire regular rounds (bullets).

  8. VTD XS2107 Sjahkyul PW230 k

    The PW230 k is an interesting weapon, utilizing a magazine-fed mathod with plasma rounds. Each magazine carries 40 of the 7.62 mm sized rounds. It is a long weapon, mounted with an optical scope on top and a collapsible stock for close-in fighting. The weapon itself retains some bulk, as the power and force needed to activate and fire the plasma rounds is quite substantial. Each magazine is featured as a half-cylinder drum that attaches to the side of the weapon. Also, the finger guard extends forward along the underside of the barrel and is actually a blade of sorts, lined with thermal inducers to cut through most metals. However, use of the under-blade uses the battery power used to fire the weapon itself, and should only be used in emergency or close-quarters encounters.

    The PW230 k is capable of a solid 750 rounds a minute fire rate. Its weight is the only factor against it, standing at 35 lbs. The only stand out for the PW230 k is the plasma rounds it fires, which are quite devestating and are more than capable of burning their way through most materials it touches.

  9. VTD XS2109 Screeching Dawn LDF32

    The LDF32, affectionately called the "Screeching Dawn", is a multi-role fighter. Its principle structure is a short, stubby cylinder for a fuselage outfitted with two high-powered and rather enormous bulking engines in the rear (Drakorson Vends VTN-GJ2300 Ion Engines), which produce enough power to rocket the LDF32 into orbit within a minute of takeoff; they are also responsible for the crafts namesake. A bulb of a cockpit is in the forward section of the craft. The cockpit in and of itself is rather interesting, in that the interior, except for the HUD and center console, is completely holographic, allowing for a full view of the world, and space, outside. This unobstructed view sometimes gives pilots a feeling of vertigo, however. Flowing back from just below the cockpit bulge is a set of canards that cant inward towards the frame and flow back into the last quarter of the craft where a pair of forward-swept wings slip at a 45 degree cant downward. A single stabilizer fin, although it serves no real function except in atmosphere, is fitted between the engines.

    The craft itself carriers a compliment of ten High Explosive HE Plasma warhead missiles, the launchers fitted to the side of the cockpit and under the forward canards. There is also a pair of high energy particle lasers, which are the primary weapons the vehicle uses.

  10. VTD XS2111 Disruption Gun Mk45

    The Mk45 works on an interesting premise. It fires small photonic energy bursts through an energy matrix. The end result is a weapon that attacks in a physical sense from a distance. The individual hit by the weapon feels physically struck as if by a fist, and if the Mk45 is properly charged, the results are devastating, with the subject sometimes dying for a single hit. The weapons only drawback is that it is pump action in a sense, requiring the user to physically cock the weapon before it will fire again. Like the XS2107, the Mk45 has a thermal cutter blade along the underside of the barrel, but unlike the XS2107, the thermal cutter can be removed for singular use by hand.

  11. VTD XS2113 Quetzalcoatl OBP613

    The OBP613 (Orbital Bombardment Platform) is an interesting warship. It carries no large-scale super-weapons for planetary destruction. Instead, it is like an artillery piece with multiple batteries that have an accuracy from high orbit of five meters from their target. This allows the OPB613 to suppress entire towns, cities or metropolis areas easily to allow ground forces to suppress riotous or revolting civil forces.

    Nicknamed the Quetzalcoatl by those who serve on the ship, it's a long cylindrical shape roughly 1300 meters in length. The aft is punctuated by a series of eight engines, four main and four back-up. The ship itself has a green-tinted particle armor of condensed carbinoid-alloys that appears almost like scales, a tough and resilient armor that helps the ship to withstand hits that would otherwise chew through the decking and hull as if it weren't there. The ship is also punctuated by bulges running along the converse of the hull at regular intervals, which are the weapons battery emplacements.

    The OBP613 is not a maneuverable craft, and is incapable of defending itself against fighters, so needs anti-fighter support craft on hand to defend it. Its shielding capacity is, at best, low to mid-range on the power scale since all power from the massive ship-board generator is pumped into the orbital bombardment batteries. The ship has a crew of roughly 1500 people, mostly technician's and diagnostic personal to keep the craft running. It has no compliment of fighters, so again must rely on other ships in the armada for protection.

  12. VTD XS2115 Deithelm CESA 7b

    The CESA 7b (Combative Exo-Skeletal Armor, pronounced Sessa), code-named Deithelm, is a marvel of technology. A full body-armor suit that has the properties of a powered-armor, the CESA 7b has several interesting an unique features. It's form-fitting to the user, allowing for full motion and ease-of-use. However, the only drawback is that the suit requires a user to have a standard issue neural implant for the suit to properly integrate with the user. This allows the suits functions (comms, environmental, etc) to be controlled by the users thoughts alone.

    The suit itself achieves a high level of movement through the use of a reactive metal liquid crystal. It increases both speed and strength, but if the user is not properly adjusted to the suit, the suit itself will tear the user apart from the inside, a shortfall that has yet to be corrected. The CESA 7b utilizes a set of anti-gravity boosters to obtain flight, and is capable of high sub-sonic flight and is highly maneuverable. The CESA armor's HUD contains an integrated computer system which continuously monitors weapons, ammunition, biological function, and motion (through an intelligent motion-sensing radar), and is capable of linking with weapons to generate an accurate targeting reticule. The suit is vacuum sealed, for use in space, and can be sustained in space for a total of 120 minutes before needing a re-supply of air.

    The most interesting part of the unit, however, is the shields itself, which doing absorb so much the damage inflicted against them as redirect them. A full 180 degree redirection of incoming fire is impossible, but the suit uses a series of magnetic couplers to change the field surrounding the suit and deflect fire away from the suit. But again, there is a drawback to the system in that it one, feeds of the generator of the suit and can be drained; and two, can be overloaded if enough enemy fire is directed at the CESA armor.

  13. VTD XS2117 Bluebell

    The Bluebell is a revolver that fires .45 Magnum-sized round. The interesting part about this weapon, besides the monumental kick it generates, is the fact that each round is chocked full of a high explosive mineral, causing detonations upon impact with any substance. Made from a high-tech ti-carbinoid alloy and various polymers, it is a six round, swing-out cylinder, double action revolver. The underside of the seven inch barrel carries both a LED flashlight and visible-spectrum laser pointer for increased accuracy.

  14. VTD XS2119 AF56 Athanasius

    The AF56, or Athanasius, is a small, compact assault right with a fifty round magazine mounted top-side of the weapon in a strip. The rounds face downward and are caseless. The weapon fires in three rounds bursts, dropping all three rounds directly into the chamber and firing them off at the same time. Stoppages with the weapon are rare, if not minimal, due to the fact that if the first round does indeed get stuck, the round behind it will push it out. It has a high rate of fire at 820 rounds per minute with an effective range of 450 meters. It fires various ammunition, all in a 5.56 mm sized round, ranging from explosive to plasma encased.

    The modular rail system of the weapon allows for a variety of scopes, including thermal, infrared and night vision, among others. A capable weapon, the AF56 while being compact is also extremely light, weighing only a minuscule 3.7 kg, 4.1 kg fully loaded.

  15. VTD XS2121 ZG15 Gewehr

    The ZG15 Gewehr, a battery powered shock gun. The weapon is cocked after being fired with a snap of the wrist. A light weight weapon with extreme range, the ZG15 Gewehr is capable of firing 150 shots when fully charged. It fires a shockwave that impacts with the target for various effects. Humanoids and various other soft-skinned creatures are generally bruised from the impact to the point of being crushed, and hand-skinned targets and creatures can be rehabilitated by the severe shock the weapon produces. The blast radius, however, is quite small, roughly 2 meters in diameter, a sacrifice made for the one-shot instant-kill ability of the weapon.

  16. VTD XS2123 Jahswoldeit 622B

    The 622B, a small-scale anti-infantry weapon. A heavily powered laser with light weight and a lot of punch behind it. Weighing in at a "light" 22 pounds, the 622 is capable of semi-auto, auto and burst fire modes, with a maximum rate-per-minute of 820 rounds. It uses a small plasma magazine loaded into the stock, making it a bullpop design. Mounted under the barrel, pointing forward, is a maser cutter, which makes easy work of any materials it is pressed against. If a person is strong enough to wield the weapon, it makes an excellent close quarters weapon, and with a range of 650 meters, is an excellent squad based weapon.

  17. VTD XS2125 Gendle MFXT31

    The Gendle MFXT31, a light weight, close-quarters assault right. It's low rate of fire is only augmented by the fact is has a heavy punch and a heavier kick. Firing modified 7.62 mm high explosive rounds from a thirty round magazine, the Gendle is a more than capable weapon. Not to mention that 40 mm grenade launcher designed to fire plasma and electron-bomb grenades up to a distance of 450 meters slung under the barrel, and you have a very deadly weapon. What's more, the weapon has a detachable thermal bayonet. Weighing in at 13 lbs fully loaded, it is not a nice weapon to stand in front of.

  18. VTD XS2127 Kauen C2

    A walking behemoth, the Kauen is a nine foot tall, close-engagement, enclosed and mechanized battle armor weighing somewhere in the region of 54000 pounds. A small nuclear reactor on the back encased in layers of armor powers the unit. The left arm is a 25 mm auto cannon with maser unit situated above and a 40 mm grenade launcher unit underslung. The right hand is a four digit, two opposable thumb design with the center of the hand being a back-up 7.62 mm machine gun, along with a shoulder mounted, four-round ATGW (Anti-Tank Guided Weapon).

    The bulking vehicle is entered from the front, with the cockpit flowing down and over the pilot. A holographic HUD is present, but main controls are done through a standard issue neural implant all pilots receive to allow them to pilot it. The sensors on the vehicle offer a full 360 degree view of the battlefield, keeping the pilot informed of what is going on at all times, maintaining his situational awareness and making him a well-informed and deadly weapon. The Kauen is capable of 80 kilometers per hour on open terrain, and varying speeds on closed terrain.

  19. VTD XS2129 Randle VLW5j

    Originally designed as a torture device against extraterrestrial species, the VLW5j is a thermal cutter unlike any other. The blade-like cutter is broken down into several dozen segments, with each being capable of being broken and extended, giving the weapon a limp, lifeless look; this enables it to act as a whip with devastating effects. The length has a maximum, though, and because of the power consumption, has only a limited usage time of five hours before needing a recharge.

  20. VTD X06-01SRW Kyuslair (Silenced Ranged Weapon)

    The Kyuslair is an interesting sniper weapon. It's light weight and short length of both barrel and body make the weapon look like it was meant more for an assault role, and the Kyuslair can be employed in said since it is a semi-auto weapon and is more than capable of high-rates of fire in its semi-auto configuration. The Kyuslair is a bullpop weapon, with the plasma energy pack that allows for up to sixty shots when fully charged being mounted in the stock itself. The weapon weights in at only 2.9 kg, with a max range of 3300 meters. The plasma laser loses too much power and cohesion, however, to be properly effective beyond 2800 meters. The trigger mechanism pressure sensor can be adjusted so that even the lightest touch will fire the weapon, great for assault roles, or a heavier finger is needed, which is more desired in a sniper role.

  21. VTD XS2131 Bezlodeit VdL2k

    The VdL2k is an interesting weapon. A depth charge that emits a mass shadow into hyperspace, pulling craft within out before detonating. It is capable of causing massive damage to the unshielded ship and is a complete surprise. When used on high travel routes, its effects on trade can be quite devastating. A weapon with a high yield, the VdLdk has a blast radius of just under 2500 meters, with enough explisive power to put a dent into the crust of any planet. The weapon is designed to take out entire enemy taskforces upon their exit from hyperspace, or destroy them even before they get to their destination. A very capable weapon when used correctly.

  22. VTD XS2133 Snake Drive SD20

    The SD20 is an energy based weapon that uses a plasma cutting edge. It is designed for close combat or close support. Capable of cutting through most any material, it is excellent for cutting through entrapments or walls or doors or even several forms of obstacles. Weighing only 2.4 pounds, it is a light weight weapon that uses a combination plasma cylinder (which fits into the pommel) alongside a battery pack. It has a lifespan, when fully charged, of thirty-five hours. As an added bonus, there are variations, the SD20m, which can be mounted ala a bayonet on the end of some assault weapons.

  23. VTD XS2135 ES-Naeroth

    The Naeroth is a kind of full-bodysuit composite armor. It weights only fifteen pounds, but is capable of withstanding .50 caliber rounds. It does so by displacing the energy from the impact and spreading it out down through the legs and grounding it in a similar fashion to grounding electricity. The suit is near impenetrable to these and lower caliber rounds, affording the user near-invincible status. Also, the suit is form-fitting, so doesn't restrict movement. The drawback, however, is that if too many rounds are intercepted at once, the energy cannot be dissipated fast enough from the strikes and the user can be battered to death. Also rounds of a higher caliber than .50 or even explosive rounds can penetrate the suit and kill the user.

  24. VTD XS2137 Pendeslar c19

    The c19 is a physical impact weapon with a unique ability. Using a combination of force-fields and tractor beams, it can manipulate objects up to a range of thirty meters away. It does this through syncing with a users standard neural implant. A users thoughts and will are translated directly through the neural implant into acceptable commands for the c19, allowing it its amazing ability.

  25. VTD XS2139 ES-Naeroth Om14 Mk2

    Like the Naeroth, the Om14 Mk2 is a form-fitting bodysuit, but there the similarities end. The Om14 Mk2 is designed not only to keep the user alive from small arms fire, but to boost the users speed, strength and reflexes through the use of a hydro-static metallic-gel that is placed in a thin coating throughout the suit. Small, powered shoulder, hip, knee, ankle and elbow gears keep the suits speed down to the point where a users arms and legs aren't ripped off due to the speed of the suit itself. A computer controls this. However, if the internal computer is destroyed or disrupted, a user would literally rip himself apart simply by moving.

  26. VTD XS2141 Vaejarmensk 33B

    Based on the Antora framework, the Vaejarmensk is a complete redesign and overhaul of the aging B/II design. Presented as a prototype to Vadasian officials that quickly put the design into production as the Antora 33B/I. At a length of 923 meters, it is comparatively small next to other capital ships, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in capability. The Vaejarmensk holds the same shape as the Antora B/II, including the wing-like protrusions from the hull that are in fact the hangar bays.

    Powered by a more efficient NDS vT-X5B-88.890 powerplant, the Vaejarmensk has roughly halved the downtime between the firing of the ship-spanning super-weapon. The assault frigate design retains it's large, boxy engines, although the re-design calls for Hox & Rkal VTX-009N4b engines instead of the VTX-009N2 model. This change allows for a faster acceleration up to flank speed, making the already fast ship quicker. Augmenting this already insane speed are ten Hox & Rkal BVI-2JK00 Ion Engines.

    The originally unique weapons set remains, with the axial-mounted super-weapon, the Vihaa Doch, standing at 750 meters in length and extending in a near-slung fashion from under the prow. The 30 Heavy Laser Cannon batteries and 16 Medium is the same armament of the previous warship. However, the Ion Cannon batteries was dropped from 30 to 25. This made space for a much larger carrying capacity of the magazines for the Zetoran Torpedo and Tri-Xilyk missile launchers from 20 and 10 to 30 and 20. Also, the launcher number has been increased from 10 each to 15 each respectively. Finishing the armaments off are four Triton Class Heavy Laser Cannon emplacements (situated above and below the hangar space) which are the most powerful laser weapons in use on any capital ship, besides the Vihaa Doch; further armaments are 6 forward facing Gahj Class Heavy laser batteries and 2 Vesar Class Heavy laser batteries.

    For troop deployment, the Antora Class Frigate carries forty LRDV-Needler launch tubes, as well as ten Xilion landing craft. Standard craft available to the Vaejarmensk are two bomber squadrons and four fighter squadrons, making for a total of 60 craft. There are also four gunships available for use besides ground attack units and their ancillary craft.

    Defensively, the Vaejarmensk is unmatched, with an upgraded six overlapping shield projection units, Argon ARM-XVN mk2 with Multi-Phasic shielding mk3. The hull plating is standard Condensed Particle armor.

  27. VTD XS2143 GLD/EMD Feirax Kyas70d9

    The GLD/EMD is a combination weapon. The weapon itself has, or course, dozens of weak points. The surrounding chassis, as this is a vehicle, are power generators open to a lucky shot. Their weak points are to the front, with an anti-personal and fighter weapon placed over the large duct itself as a means of protection. Why it isn't armored, I can't fathom. It isn't, though, so a lucky shot will take it out. There are eight generators surrounding the circumference of the giant craft. It fires of a planet-destroying laser, but is usually powered down and used to target small fighter jets, to piss people off.

    As a secondary weapon, the GLD/EMD carries several kinds of missiles, each with a warhead designed to detonate and unleash varying kinds of destructive power, ranging from flak-like shrapnel to energy waves. All designed to take out small fighter craft. The GLD/EMD is has a single engine, in keeping with the vulnerable theme, but is magnetically shielded in a way to deflect all metal coming in toward the craft. The GLD/EMD is approximately a kilometer long. It is also crewed by a smart, efficient crew, and an incompetent captain who would gladly sacrifice everything in an attempt to destroy his arch nemesis.

  28. VTD XS2145 Reihpohff 129E10

    The Reihpohff is a unique ship with a sauser shaped fuselage that is attached by a narrow superstructure to a set of over-large ion engines set in a 'V' formation on struts attached to the narrow superstructure piece. The ship has a small crew, numbering no more than 300. For its large bulk, it doesn't contain any large power generation units or highly powerful weapons. This is because much of the interior space is given over to making the crew feel comfortable. A crazy idea like that. Any ship of the line should be a cramped, confined thing with the majority space used for weapons systems and the like. In fact, the Reihpohff only has two weapons system. A laser, which is highly inaccurate and not very powerful, and these strange torpedoes that sometimes hit and sometimes don't, since each one is programmed with its own rather moody personality. However, the Reihpohff has a very intriguing up-armor assembly that makes it capable of withstanding nearly any kind of attack. The downside is that it is incapable of firing anything but its moody torpedoes while in this configuration.

  29. VTD XS2147 Kriegorleit XK220

    The XK220 is a moderately sized gunship that favors projectile weaponry, such as missiles and torpedoes, over conventional laser weaponry. It features four launch ports that can be configured to fire either missiles or torpedoes, with a 7 to 12 round magazine for either/or depending on which is used. The craft also has a set of short, stubby wings that have two hard-points for bomb-like weaponry if the craft is used in atmosphere. It features fairly strong shields for its size, but the power required for said shields siphons power away from the engines, resulting in sub-par performance in both speed and agility. The craft has a pilot and a gunner, and features some of the highest survival ratings, since the XK220 can take much more of a hit than any other craft in its class.

  30. VTD XS2149 Canker HG22

    The HG22, a weapon with a twelve round clip that fires excited protons at a target. The excited energy when it hits a target begins to slowly corrode the surrounding material, whether living or otherwise. The effects take minutes before reaching mass. The material begins to slough off in large gouts. The HG22 rounds are devestating to living beings; however, if counter-agents are applied quickly enough, a person can survive. The only stipulation to this, though, is that the survivor will have a massive burn mark where they were shot. The HG22 features several attachments, from laser to thermal sights, and some interesting reflexive sights.

  31. VTD XS2151 Fishtail KHDG (Kinetic Harpoon)

    A mid- to high-level orbital bombardment weapon that uses no radioactive materials, the Fishtail is a weapon used on modern warships from space with devastating results. A point is picked for impact, and then this Gatling style weapon begins firing down 400 harpoons a minute. Each harpoon is coated in a ceramic ablative so that it doesn't burn up on entry. A solid splinter of toughened, heat-resistant composite, half a meter long, needle sharp, guided by a cruciform tail, and steered by a processor with a preprogrammed flight vector. There are no explosives or energy charge -- the weapon relies on speed alone for its destructive capability. The weapon is so accurate, that it can strike a target from high-orbit, with plus or minus ten meters for deviation.

  32. VTD XS2153 AWU 10

    The AWU 10, the only weapon designed as a stopgate against all weapons conceived. It's a large scale generator, roughly 100 meters in length and twenty five meters in width. It generates quantum level strings that vibrate with a counter-frequency to the object targeted, dispersing the atoms and molecules, destroying any cohesion and completely scrambling any smaller particles contained within. A powerful weapon, but the drawback is that it requires more power than a Sol sized sun produces in a month for a minute of use.

  33. VTD XS2155 Taulas 53

    The Taulas 53, a long range interceptor with standard interdiction capabilities. At a length of 70 feet, it's an extremely large fighter. It carries a pilot and sensor/radar operator. The massive size of the vehicle is due to the size of the sensor package on it. The Taulas is more suited to galactic bordor patrols than dogfighting, and can detect enemy ships in real-space as well as sub/slip-space. If the craft were to come under contact, it has two powerful weapons. The first is a series of depth-charge like bombs that produce a blast radius of 700 kilometers. The second is a fire-and-forget missile, only the missile has a smaller blast radius, only 250 kilometers. The Taulas is more meant to stall the enemy than properly engage, and often is used more for recce that attacks.

  34. VTD XS2157 Nandle QF3

    The Nandle is a staple in gauss weapon design. Most gauss weapons fire small bullet size projectiles, sometimes spheres. Extremely powerful, but with accuracy falling off at extreme distances due to wind resistance. The Nandle solves this problem by using a flechet round, increasing range and accuracy of the weapon. The weapon itself is fairly light, weighing only 7.5 lbs (3.4 kg); however, the drawback is that the flechet rounds weigh enough that it lowers the effective magazine capacity of the Nandle. A trade off for the accuracy is increased weight in the projectile. The Nandle is thus only used for sniper roles, where it is lighter than standard projectile sniper weapons.

  35. VTD XS2159 O'Reilly VCC

    The VCC, developed by Doctor Higgins O'Reilly, and vain enough to have it named after him, is a chemical laser. Weighing in at just over 12 lbs (5.4 kg), it is fairly heavy for infantry use, so isn't used for conventional fighting. It is, however, used in anti-armored roles due to its massive firepower. This firepower is created from a highly volatile chemical reaction between three different chemicals. Reacting in a chamber, their energy is then focused through a specialized crystal matrix. The O'Reilly has an effective range of 1800 meters. The drawback, however, is that the reaction is volatile enough that jarring the weapon repeatedly for even a short period of time will cause the chemicals, which are kept separated by themselves, to explode, since even by themselves they're extremely reactive with anything nearby, including oxygen and nitrogen. The O'Reilly is thus stored in a statis-field to neutralize the reaction.

  36. VTD XS2161 Kinetic Destabilizer

    The Kinetic Destabilizer, a weapon that excites target particles to the point where their molecular bonds break down and fall apart in the span of a nano-second. Targets, such as humans, simply turn to ash since the particles burn to an extent, the excited particles reacting with other readily available atomic particles. The Kinetic Destabilizer is a rifle-sized weapon with a focusing dish at the front of it that uses an energy wave set to a specific frequency for its volitile effects. However, jarring the weapon will cause prolonged problems with the it, such as weapon break down in the focusing dish.

  37. VTD XS2163 Reihpohff 130E10

    Much like the Reihpohff 129E10, it features the same weaponry and design flaws, such as too much interior space devoted to creatures comforts, a single, badly designed laser that cannot target incoming weaponry too well, and moodily programmed torpedoes that have a mind of their own. However, the ship itself is based around a large fuselage with forward extending wings that can separate to become several forward swept wings. The wings act as a focusing device for the radiation run-off of the generator, since the containment field is broken and nobody wanted to fix it. The only problem is that the focusing system is slightly off, and the radiation is focused directly at the bridge, killing everyone there instantly. The 130E10 goes through bridge crews fast. What's different is that the 130E10 features a phase-cloak device. However, the device is fickle, seeming to have been created by the same people who programmed the torpedoes. The end result is a device that sometimes works, and works flawlessly, and a device that activates inside an asteroid field and deactivates with half the ship stuck in an asteroid.

  38. VTD XS2165 JG Type-3

    The JG Type-3, based off the much vaulted JG Type-2. Unlike the JG Type-2, the Type-3 is less powerful, far less powerful. It was decided that giving a man the ability to destroy a spiral arm on a galaxy was too much power, thus the Type-3 came into being. The Type-3, like the Type-2 and the Jorgani Stone before it, is a gemstone-like, rock apparatus. Using a combination focusing matrix/crystal and distortion field, the energy placed within the Type-3 is drawn off, since the Type-3 creates a pocket-dimension where a number of energy generation and manipulation devices are packed. The JG Type-3 is roughly the size of a lemon, featuring an overload function that allows for an extremely large-scale explosion. Unlike nuclear explosions, though, the JG Type-3 has no radiation fallout. The area the Type-3 is capable of destroying is roughly 300 kilometers in radius -- everything within is disintegrated, the composite atomic particles vaporized, the energy in them used to further fuel the reaction caused by overloading the system.

  39. VTD XS2167 88B Mk2 Yellowjacket

    The 88B Mk2, based on the 88A, and 88B Mk1 Combat Wasp, the Yellowjacket performs the same abilities with more firepower and more capabilities. A multi-role vehicle no longer than 3 meters in length, it carries a wide variety of munitions and sub-munitions. The vehicle is an ellipsoid, with a series of compound sensor bands located at the fore and a ring extending in a mono-filament around the body of the craft. Sensor stalks extend from the head, which is articulated for an extend, with crushing mandibles designed to pierce enemy armor. It also has articulated legs for ground movement. Wing-like apparatuses are affixed, but serve more as a cooling device for excess heat produced in combat.

    The Yellowjacket is constructed through a use of biotech, bio mechanical and polymetallic components. The central processor, if it can be called that, is actually an amalgamation of quantum cerebral cortex and a cloned brain, combined with neural implants. The Yellowjacket is essentially a cyborg, with neural receptors and organels dotting the inside, combined with power generation units. A series of biotech patterning nodes, made from completely living tissue, allow the Yellowjacket to produce quantum fields for movement, attack, and give it abilities similar to a kinetic accelerator. It can also create distortion fields that warp reality around the Yellowjacket for short periods of time.

    The weapons carried range from short and long-range missiles or rockets, to heavy laser or gauss projectile weapons to bombs and bomblets. The Yellowjacket can even perform sentry, picket or reconnaissance duty, using its advanced sensor suite to detect incoming enemy before they've exited slipspace. What's more, the patterning nodes can be overloaded to cause a terrifyingly large explosion with enough power to devastate a hundred square kilometers.

  40. VTD XS2169 Rainmaker 22K

    The Rainmaker, weighing in at a solid 13.1 pounds unloaded, is a heavier weapon. With a barrel length of just over three feet, the Rainmaker is designed specifically to fire a 12mm round projectile. The weapon is special, but so is the projectile. Contained within that bullet fired from a Rainmaker is a processor, a range-finder, and enough HE to tear the head off a human being. Each round is set with a one foot proximity fuse, and will explode before contact with any physical target with devastating effects. Because of the size of the round, the Rainmaker itself only has a five round magazine. Weight is the main issue, and with the weapon weighing quite a bit, it isn't a very economical weapon. The cartridges weight even more, with a fully loaded Rainmaker coming in at just shy of 25 pounds. It is designed more for medium armored targets.

  41. VTD XS2171 Nakyer 5b EIW

    The EIW, or Electrical Impulse Weapon, is a modified sabre with the tip sawed off. Where the tip would be is an energized location that when it comes into contact with a physical object, expels a limited amount of energy. In humans, the energy is enough to cause second to third degree burns and melt flesh. It causes severe amounts of pain. The weapon contains approximately 17 charges, if the weapon gives a full charge. It can be modified to give smaller charges.

  42. VTD XS2173 41Vel Whisper

    The 'Whisper' is an intelligence warship larger than a gunship, but smaller than a corvette. It is small, painted in matte black with sensor absorbing paneling. It's engines are specially configured to dampen the amount of heat, light and ions produced. However, this creates for an extremely slow craft, but when doing intelligence work, things cannot be rushed. Sporting advanced sensor systems, the 'Whisper' class can spot a human sized object floating in an asteroid belt from two million kilometers out with excellent imaging and resonance resolution.

    Because it isn't a warship, it doesn't carry a full compliment of offensive and defensive gear, and instead opts for extremely advanced sensor packages. Because of this, the 'Whisper' class of ships are only armed with the minimal in offensive weapons capabilities, having only four missile tubes and a small compliment of thirty-two missiles. It lacks heavy laser weaponry, so opts for faster firing defensive lasers suited to anti-fighter work. The shields are laughable at best.

    This makes for a ship ill-suited for combat.

    What makes it special, however, is the quantum drives it sports, allowing the craft to instantly warp from one point to another in space in record time. Combined with its advanced slipspace drives, the craft can cross the known galaxy in very little time. An excellent intel and reconnaissance ship.

  43. VTD XS2175 KNFSS21 "Dumbstruck" (KiNFiSS)

    The KNFSS21 (Kinetic Nullifying Field State System), or "Dumbstruck" as it has come to be called, is a unique device that a user wears around their wrist and forearm. Similar in construct to a gauntlet or forearm protector, the KNFSS21 creates a static field around a user which disrupts or absorbs the kinetic energy from an incoming object. The field is powerful enough to stop most projectile rounds instantly before they can reach the user, halting their motion in the air before the drop to the ground. An excellent defensive device. The nickname, "Dumbstruck" comes from the faces of enemies who see the device in use. They are literally awe-struck by the device and can't believe its effects even after seeing it with their own eyes.

    While the KNFSS is an excellent device, its ability to stop projectiles is limited only to small arms fire. Larger rounds with a higher velocity and more kinetic energy easily overload the system and strike the user, so the KNFSS should be used with care.

  44. VTD XS2179 Ruth 86xC

    The 86xC, a sniper rifle that fires an 8mm Krauser styled round with interesting oxidizing properties. The weapon only has a magazine for ten rounds, and may seem ordinary to outside observation. And it is for the most part. What sets the Ruth apart is the round itself, which is made up of an oxidizing substance that reacts with the oxygen in the air, burning brightly and dangerously. The round explodes when it hits a target, or in many cases burns severely. The round completely burns out after reaching the maximum range of 1200 meters. The 86xC weighs in at just under twenty pounds. A simple bolt action weapon.

  45. VTD XS2181 Bavlor STW284

    The Bavlor was designed for the average infantry trooper who couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. Indoctrinated militia who had never fired a weapon before and only knew how to point and shoot. The Bavlor solved the problem by incorporating a targeting system that can select a specific target from the user by way of a standard issue neural implant. It then fires specially designed rounds equipped with maneuvering fins to guide the projectiles into the target, and almost always into the exact same position every time. The weapon proves devastating thanks to its simplistic targeting mechanism, but isn't in widespread due to the weight of the weapon, a whopping twelve pounds, which the average militiaman can't seem to carry without becoming extremely fatigued over time.

  46. VTD XS2183 MGS 558B

    The MGS (Multiple Gravity State) is a weapon designed to target specific objects and increase the weight by specific factors. Since it is difficult to produce large-scale artificial gravity without any kind of massive generator, the laboratory rats figured out an interesting way of delivering on their promise of a "gravity weapon." The MGS uses a diskette system, wherein several tiny spheres rotate at hypersonic speeds. Within these spheres are even smaller spheres that spin counter to ones they're encapsulated in. This creates a somewhat artificial gravity field, completely localized to the diskette, and only applies itself to whatever the diskette is applied to.

    The weapon is extremely light, since each "diskette" is about the size of a silver dollar. The weapons are thrown at an enemy and contain a seeking ability that makes them affix to a weapon or person. The results can be devastating, as there is a warm up time in which the target doesn't believe he's/she's being weighed down at first. The end results are crushed limbs or weapons. However, the MGS has a drawback -- battery life. It has an overall battery lifespan of only seven minutes. After that, the diskette is useless.

  47. VTD XS2185 Juicer BCM01

    The Juicer, not so much a weapon as a complete perversion of science altogether. Commonly referred to as the "orgasm inducer ray", the Juicer fires off a narrow-beam laser that excites specific molecules in the body. Once excited, there is a release of chemicals specific to orgasm within the target individuals brain and they feel someone peevish before actually orgasming. Results vary from person to person, but the outcome is always the same. Unfortunately, the Juicer only has enough juice, ahem, for about thirty shots before having to be recharged via a handy power cord. Weighing in at two pounds, the Juicer isn't a weapon so much as a prank toy. Use with caution.

  48. VTD XS2187 Scorpion SE5 PC

    The SE5 PC is a device that emits quantum psudo-particles in a shell formation around the user. These pseudo-particles, when coming into contact with incoming energy of any type, take said energy and bind it to the pseudo-particles, which then flow back to the SE5 PC into a storage device along the lines of a battery. The energy from the battery can then be used to power most any device, allowing for an excellent defensive system that integrates well with an offensive one. However, a drawback to the SE5 PC is failure of the pseudo-particles to properly bind with incoming energy, causing negative feedback within the conversion and storage of the incoming energy; this in turn leads to a fatal explosion of the device. The occurrence is rare, but still possible.

  49. VTD XS2189 Chernobog TMVAS2

    The Chernobog was first conceived as a Sovereign class warship with a length of 25 kilometers long. The Chernobog TMDAC2 (Tactical Multi-Dimensional Assault Craft) utilizes much of the same infrastructure of the previous class of ship. It retains much of the same bulk for an interstellar warship, as well as a need for a similar crew compliment (roughly 135,000 crewers). The ship is based off Lyzrantii Dominion Empire designs with a slim-lined dagger shape with six half-cylinders running the bottom length of the ship.

    The ship is equipped with 16 VTX-009N2 Pensol Ion Engines to move the massive bulk. The ship itself was loaded up with 500 Ion and Heavy Laser cannons respectively, as well as various missile and torpedo launch tubes. The TMDAC2 also has a respective fighter compliment, with 720 fighters craft available, not to mention support craft such as landing craft and ground assault vehicles.

    The Chernobog was based largely on stolen DSP technology, and because of said, the LDE could never quite reverse-engineer most of the technology. This has created many problems when interfacing the stolen tech with LDE tech, and has led to many shortfalls for the vast warship. However, as an image of pure brute strength, the Chernobog cannot be matched, since it sports more weaponry than any ship conceived before it.

  50. VTD XS2191 Zaldaevyah Nakyr 888

    The Zaldaevyah Nakyr 888, often called a Triple-8, is an interesting weapon. The Triple-8 is a direct fire piece that uses physical matter, which it then breaks down into component particles. It then fires these particles, electrons, protons and heavier ions, at near the speed of light, producing electromagnetic radiation across the electromagnetic spectrum at all wavelengths from long-wave radio to the shortest wavelength gamma rays. The styling is similar to that of a solar flare, and can kill any living tissue it comes into contact with. Capable of covoring distances instantly, the weapon is quite powerful. However, for all the power of the Triple-8, its capabilities can be negated by a simple electromagnetic field.

  51. VTD XS2197 BR94 Ayacucho Membava

    The BR94, a weapon that would never quite be standard issue. Using a series of guass coils to fire off massively explosive rounds that are attached to the BR94 by way of a thin wire that's invisible to the naked eye. Each round can be detonated upon striking the target, within proximity, or command detonated from the BR94 itself. The rounds are loaded into a 25 round magazine, with each explosive cartridge already having a spool of the mono-filament det. cord attached. The weapon is semi auto only, and weighs in at a solid, although rather heavy, ten pounds -- and that's after weight reduction. The BR94 has a scope set for 5x magnification, but uses modular rail mounts to allow for various other scopes and sights to be mounted. The scope is sighted for 300 meters distance with increments at 100 meters. There is also a built in laser range-finder and infrared targeting laser for nightvision modes.

  52. VTD XS2199 RJA22 Bellingham

    The Bellingham, or RJA22 (Rejects Jousting Alliance) -- a weapon built by a bunch of tech junkies who couldn't get enough backyard medieval swordplay. Well, these techno-savvy pundits felt that a lance just isn't a lance unless it also functions as an energy laser cannon capable of knocking ballistic missiles out of the sky with a properly aimed shot. Using a series of lattice-crystals to focus the laser and coming in at being a whopping 577 joules of energy output, the RJA22 puts most do-it-yourself lasers to shame. However, in comparison to military standard issue laser weaponry, it is sorely lacking. But then, it was just a background project.

  53. VTD XS2201 GIM41 (Gravity Induction Mechanism)

    The GIM41 is one of many things built and designed by Visarett Technologica Development, and as with anything built by the R&D giant, the weapon in particular is interesting. As it is well known, gravity is a difficult property to control via artificial means, so the researchers at VTD decided it would be best to manipulate the known instead of venturing into the unknown. Objects produce quantum fields, and depending on the state, the field can be modified and controlled. The GIM41 does just that, modifies and controls specific quantum fields around an object -- often with dangerous results.

    Where the GIM41 shines is in attacking inanimate objects, since living tissue seems to create a quantum field state more difficult to modify without a massive power source on hand. Using a standard issue neural implant and a software program mated to the GIM41, a user can target specific objects, and depending on their wishes, tear said object to pieces, squash it or mold it however they wish. An excellent device and highly powerful in the right hands.

    The drawbacks, though, is that the GIM41 is a small device, about the size of a standard military issue rifle. It requires massive amounts of energy to manipulate the fields it does, and the battery life of the GIM41 is so pitiful (a lousy three uses before needing a new battery) as to make the device near useless except in specific situations. Not to mention that, but the battery also weighs a massive 15 kilograms. The user litterally has to be a body-builder to properly wield the device and carry it on a mission without becoming severely fatigued.

    All in all, though, the GIM41 is a remarkable weapon.

  54. VTD XS2201 GIM41 Mk2 (Gravity Induction Mechanism)

    Building on the GIM41 is the GIM41 Mk2. While the GIM41 Mk2 still retains many of the shortfalls of its predecessor, the software has been updated allowing for more fine-tuned control of the quantum field states allowing a user to strip only the outside of say a wall without completely compromising the whole. An interesting addition.

  55. VTD XS2203 IS-2c Mandevor

    The Mandevor is a small, maneuverable craft designed originally as a multi-role spacecraft, but due to restrictions in the design, it ended up as a cheaply manufactured attack craft. The staple of the Mandevor design is its ability to interface with all standard attack craft weaponry, allowing for any military to outfit the vehicle in any manner they please. It is a roughly designed ship, approximately 64 feet long. An oblong, ovoid fuselage with stubby wings that wrap around two large ion engines.

    The Mandevor sports an above-average payload, but this comes at a cost to armor and shielding. Most pilots have referred to the Mandevor as a flying casket. Further developments to the Mandevor have created a kind of optical camouflage that uses tiny cameras and holographic projectors stenciled all over the craft. It makes the Mandevor invisible to an extent, but at extreme speeds, the camouflage has difficulty keeping up and will sometimes fizzle out.

  56. VTD XS2205 FMD64 Grasney

    The FMD64 (Field Manipulation Device) is a further development of the XS2201 GIM41. The only difference is that instead of manipulating matter into shapes or just causing it to rip apart, the Grasney instead uses the same technology to re-structure the component atomic particles to alter the make-up of the object and create wholly different things from an existing structure or object. Is uses a neural implant and software to achieve this, using templates that allow users, who would of course be military in origin, to create mission specific weapons or objects. There is a means to create your own template from scratch, or even create something from scratch, but the coding and thought necessary to do such is beyond the average individual. However, for all the FMD64's might, it suffers the same drawbacks as the XS2201 GIM41.

  57. VTD XS2207 TK55 "Shield Masher"

    The TK55, affectionately called the "Shield Masher", is essentially a power generator on wheels. It comes in various sizes and power outputs and serves a single purpose: to overload any kind of protective barrier known to man and alien alike. The TK55 is exceptionally good at what it does, too; when combined with advanced sensors and a neural uplink to a wetwired soldier, the Shield Masher can analyze, identify, lock onto and overload a given system. But, as with any system that relies on brute force alone, it requires a massive quantity of power. The only people who can make the system work for any kind of extended period of time thus far are the Vadasian and Galandrian with their advanced power-generation techniques. But for everyone else, battery life is limited to the generator you hook it up to. The larger models require even more power, and unfortunately can only be mounted on warships.

  58. VTD XS2209 6UY35x "Waddling Duck"

    The 6UY35x, known to most as the "Waddling Duck," is an anthromorphic, bipedal tank. The designer was a drug addicted enthusiast of birds, spent most of his time at the pond, and then while high (believed), created this monstrosity. Not necessarily powerful, the Waddling Duck manages to be somewhat usable. It carries standard laser cannons beneath its wings, which raise prior to combat. Besides the laser cannons, the 6UY35x has weapons interfaces for missiles and rockets among more unconventional weaponry. It's design isn't so much like a duck as a more streamlined bird, but because of its walk, earned its nickname. The Waddling Duck moves at a slow 25 kilometers per hour at full trot on flat terrain. It stands approx. 25 feet tall, is 15 feet long, and can cover more than 600 kilometers before the generator needs to be purged.

  59. VTD XS2211 Raspberry T2JD

    The T2JD, more commonly known as the Raspberry, is a jamming device. Most nations develop some kind of counter-measure to mislead and disrupt enemy missiles, torpedoes and other homing devices. The Raspberry is it. The T2JD relies on a series of highly sensitive quantum scanners to detect incoming enemy homing signals. It then uses a powerful jamming mechanism that disrupts the sensors of the incoming weapon, issuing nonsense commands that are intercepted by the homing mechanism of the enemy weapon and relaying false information to the CPU governing any incoming enemy weapons. By doing so, the homing device becomes confused. In some cases, a more direct approach is taken where the T2JD can actually fuse the processors of enemy homing mechanisms. This, however, requires an amplifier be placed on the T2JD. An excellent defensive mechanism. However, the T2JD can only jam so many weapons at once, and can be over-powered.

  60. VTD XS2213 BOTTF 10 "Neanderthal"

    The BOTTF 10, sometimes referred to as the Neanderthal based on its effects on the people it strikes, is a multi-use weapon. It features a large diameter barrel with a massive, weighted piece of metal at the end. Using a series of guass coils, it can fire this lump at anything in sight, up to a range of 300 yards, at which point an internal dampening field will halt the flight of the object, and stop the weapon from being jacked right out of the users hands as the thin, filament cord extends to its farther and reels the trauma inducing weight back. The settings for the Neanderthal can either be for non-lethal or lethal, depending upon the situation. The weapon is also very capable in shattering bones instantly upon impact. An add-on modification to the Neanderthal allows for a battery pack to be added to the weight, which imparts a taser-like shock to the victim.

  61. 2215 Possessor XK15 (Unsanctioned VTD XS series weapon)

    The Possessor. It is deadly. What little is known about it is that contact with it destroys the host through severe and irreversible cancer. The Possessor is an energy virus that is transmitted from one person to the next through, of all things, torture. The physical barriers of the mortal mind must be dropped for the virus to enter, at which point it consumes the individual. The first stages involve a complete re-write of the genetics in the target. Some have referred to those inhabited by the XK15 as zombies, but these things do not consume flesh. The body, after having its DNA re-written cannot procreate through conventional means.

    The tissue is restructured. Brute emotion is translated into power. Desire makes things possible. Much of the skin is turned into a series of biological energy patterning cells, turning the skin a greenish hue. By coming into contact with inanimate objects, the XK15 virus can exert enough pressure of mental force to make any object appear as a weapon. In some instances, those infected with the Possessor virus have been known to attack using a form of deadly fire-like energy that can burn through any known substance and cannot be put out by fire retardants or water. There are several methods for reversing the virus, but most just resort to killing the host which stops the virus as it can only be transmitted by a living host.

  62. VTD XS2217 TGT DN 3vb

    The 3vb, or TGT DN (Target Designator), is a small, compact, light-weight helmet that most any infantry soldiers can wear. Around the perimeter of the headdress is a mono filament sensor band that picks up for light and infrared signals, as well as visual and motion sensing. This allows the 3vb to give its user a full 360 degree view of the battlefield around them at all times. The images are fed directly into the brain via a standard issue neural implant, but barring that, can be compressed into a small ocular implant or even a holographic HUD projected over the retinas for the user.

  63. VTD XS2219 Go-Go M2

    The Go-Go, a horribly named weapon of such devastating proportions that most think that a weapon so ridiculously named would never be like it. The Go-Go is a biotechnological weapon that is grafted onto the user and combined with a standard neural implant. Using specific software, the Go-Go allows a user to distort spacetime enough to create wormholes and then focus the peusdo-fabric within to act as a kind of quantum weapon, able to rip anything targeted to shreds. The drawbacks, however, is that the users lifespan is greatly reduced every time he or she uses the device, and in some cases malignant cancerous growths form around the implants. The regenerative cycle finishes with the users death.

  64. VTD XS2221 VarG MCS-88 "Windcutter"

    The VarG MCS-88 (Molecular Control System), nicknamed the Windcutter -- it's a bodysuit built of a mesh of polymers and light-weight alloys. It isn't designed to protect the user as it is to affect and charge molecular field states. It is similar in design to the XS2201 GIM41 and XS2205 FMD64, but isn't even capable of what those two weapons can do. Instead, the molecules excited form a coherent matrix. Generally air molecules (Nitrogen, Oxygen), are compressed within a force-field and accelerated toward a specific target. The Windcutter can do this with any loose molecules, air, dirt, sand. Useful, but it lacks the power to keep going after a small number of uses.

  65. VTD XS2223 SMW-01 "Cricket"

    The Cricket: it is a small, bladed weapon approximately two feet in length. Designed for general purpose, it has a small control and power unit in the hilt. When the blade is "turned on", it is capable of five-thousand vibrations a second. These vibrations travel along the length of the blade making it capable of cutting through nearly any substance. Assassins have since begun using it, and although it makes for having to get close to a target, it insures death through dismemberment easily. The reason it is called the Cricket, however, is due to the sonic vibrations themselves. When turned on, the unit sounds like a Cricket chirping at a somewhat high speed, although in a subdued tone.

  66. TD XS2225 Xin Yao SD20

    The Xin Yao -- it is a weapon designed to use overpressure detonation-style sonic waves as a weapon. It does this by using a specially designed high-yield explosive fired from an specialized assault right. The chambered rounds are similar in size to that of a twelve-gage slug. Each slug contains both an advanced sonic emitter in conjunction with the explosive. Upon reaching a minimum safe distance from the weapon (generally fifteen meters), both the sonic emitter and explosive fire. The shockwave is mostly supported by the exothermic reaction of the shaped charge, with the sonic emitter acting to create an artificial expansion fan that makes the wave front largely self-propagating up to a certain distance until the initial energy is spent; usually a hundred to two hundred meters. The wave front causes an increase in air pressure, temperature and density of flow in the medium used (atmosphere or liquid): essentially it makes an invisible, expanding fist in the air capable of destroying vehicles or buildings, and more than able to kill living creatures. Blast speed has been measured up to 5.2 times the speed of sound, roughly 1,800 m/s.

  67. VTD XS2227 Behemoth Grey BHMG001A

    The Behemoth Grey, an aging, dilapidated and massive warship. Largely a elongated dagger shape, the ship design features five turrets on the main deck with three in the fore and two in the rear; each turret containing three 200mm guns that fire explosive thermite rounds. Alternate weapons systems include the ability to fire nuclear-rated missiles from the cannons to even massive guided missiles. A series of magazines in the sides of the ship allow for port and starboard firing of numerous rockets and missiles for broadside capabilities.

    The engines are a set of thermal-nuclear fusion thrusters mounted in a vee configuration along the sides of the hull, four in all. Amidships is the main tower elevated above the main deck with a series of sensor and radar masts. The ship features artificial gravity and a modular and redundant internal design allowing the ship to sustain massive hits and keep going despite the damage. Unique features include three massive cold-fusion generators at the fore, middle and rear of the ship. Each generator by itself can sustain all systems on the ship with excess power. This leads the Behemoth Grey to have over-ample shield generation capability.

  68. VTD XS2229 Hindsight HS7

    The HS7, or Hindsight, is a shield system that incorporates multiple levels of redundancy. Each of the fire shields acts as a filter for various particles while an onboard quantum-mnemonic harmonizer allows for the storage of cells relating to the memory of specific items to let pass through the filters, such as oxygen and other base atomic structures. The five shielding systems are each capable of being programmed to interact with a specific type component, i.e., limiting the interaction between certain energy types so as to stop lasers or even plasma type weaponry. This can also be useful as the system can be used in reverse, allowing for the stopping of certain particle types from leaving the system; this also can allow for a kind of cloak effect. In essence, making it so certain wavelengths cannot move outside the shield, making the user invisible. The system is highly versatile. However, the quantum-mnemonic harmonizer and the system itself use up a dreadful amount of energy while in use, so the system is meant only for emergencies.

  69. VTD XS2231 Hindsight HS7.1 Mk2

    Similar in concept to the MS7 Mk1, the Mk2 uses a modified quantum-mnemonic harmonizer to completely mask a ship by blocking all forms of radiation that could invariably leak out. However, it doesn't truly block these forms, merely transmuting them into the same vibrational wavelengths of super-strings in the local quantum timespace strata to hide the user. This allows for complete invisibility to all forms of detection. Completely programmable, the Mk2 carries over all the same qualities as well as the previous version.

  70. VTD XS2233 FBCTS7701 (False Bio-Cellular Transmutation System)

    The FBCCS was created by the stealth devision of VTD as a means of equipping agents with the tools to throw enemy agents off their own trail. The FBCTS is a skin-tight suit that converts dropped off biomass, being anything from skin to hair to even blood tissue, into that of a targets DNA type. So even agents sustaining woulds will make it look like someone else was on the scene instead of the actual person. The suit is remarkable in that it completely alters the base RNA/DNA and code activators through use of nanite material as the biomass leaves the body, letting it slip through the suit to "contaminate" an area. Only the area is coated with someone else's DNA pattern. As previously stated, you need a target for the suit to mimic, so fore-planning plays into this a bit. Generally any nobody on the street will do, and a quick prick to gain some tissue as a sample will do.

  71. VTD XS2235 ES-Naeroth Om14 Mk3

    Like the Naeroth and the Mk2, the Om14 Mk3 is a form-fitting bodysuit; it carries over all the same attributes of the Om14 Mk2, that being that it is designed not only to keep the user alive from small arms fire, but to boost the users speed, strength and reflexes through the use of a hydro-static metallic-gel that is placed in a thin coating throughout the suit. Small, powered shoulder, hip, knee, ankle and elbow gears keep the suits speed down to the point where a users arms and legs aren't ripped off due to the speed of the suit itself. A computer controls this. However, if the internal computer is destroyed or disrupted, a user would literally rip himself apart simply by moving. However, the final alteration to the suit is that of a programmable tail covered in serrated blades. It should be noted, though, that the tail is prone to quirks in that the programming can fail. This has led to a number of users being impaled upon a device they had hoped to use. Programming glitches abound, and while when it works, it works beautifully. There's just the problem of it not working a hundred percent of the time.

  72. VTD XS2237 Injunction 5K3

    The 5K3 is a device installed in users via invasive surgery. It is a number of sacs that create, store and release adrenaline-like fluids into the blood stream. These fluids can act as blood in that they can transport additional oxygen, carry away wastes to be expelled, and increase the basic motor speeds and functions of the user. The fluids can be released on command by the user for times of need and increased energy. However, the downfall to this system is that the usage is highly addictive. The increased ability is followed by a massive shortfall of cognizant and physical ability when the effects wear off. The body literally crashes, needing time to recharge. Sometimes days. These crashes become worse with more excessive use. Some feel, however, that the gains far exceed the disadvantages of the system.

  73. VTD XS2239 Chuckles H30

    The "Chuckles" minigun. A "minuscule" device weighing in at a hundred fifteen pounds. Featuring nine barrels, the H30 is a weapon of massive destruction. Using magnetic acceleration coils, it is capable of firing 32,000 rounds a minute at speeds approaching Mach 6. It is a belt fed gun with the main magazine being a backpack containing only two thousand BB sized rounds. The BB's after being fired are magnetically energized/charged, allowing them to screw with electronic equipment. An excellent suppression weapon, it is hampered by its small magazine and weigh, making for mobility issues.

  74. VTD XS2241 SLDW 8E (Supra Luminal Distortion Weapon)

    The SLDW is a weapon that reads and react to the quantum vibrations of super-strings in the timespace strata. By doing this, it gives the user the ability to absorb the latent energy of an incoming attack or redirect it in any give direction through the manipulation of said strata. While powerful, the device does not work a hundred percent of the time. It also requires a power source so enormous as to be useless (nevermind that the machine itself is large enough to take up a flatbed trailer). Also, another downside to the device is that there are situations in which it cannot properly interact with the strata. This causes an excess build up of energy in the machine which leads to catastrophic explosiveness. For these reasons, outside initial testing, the program was discontinued.

  75. VTD XS2243 Grimview GV76

    The GV76 or Grimview is a device implanted directly into a users eye. It creates a heads-up-display that hovers just above the retina so that wherever the user is looking, it provides targeting information such as distance, wind (if any), temperature and anything else relating to weapons use. It can also be uploaded with data on weapons, and through training, can inform the user where exactly the barrel of their weapon is pointed by providing an "on screen" red dot for aiming aide. The HUD may also cycle through a number of different enhancements, such as low-light gain, allowing the user to "see" in the dark by amplifying light already present. There is also a thermal option to make tracking targets and picking out targets in cold areas easier. However, the surgery is painful with a failure rate of seventy-five per cent resulting in blindness.

  76. VTD XS2245 Jawdropper Series 1

    The Jawdropper is an interesting melee device. The reason it is named such is for the fact that the user seems to move at incredible speeds, while in reality, the device itself is altering quantum fields in conjunction with shield-state manipulation. By creating partial shields projected not to protect the user, but to slow enemies, it makes oncoming enemies feel much slower than they really are. Also, the manipulation of quantum fields allows the user to amplify his or her own speed -- this creates the "jaw dropping" effect of the user moving incredibly fast. However, the speed up is equivalent to the average person doped up on adrenaline. The offset, though, for all the gains, is that the device does not have a readily available power source, so can only be used in spurts. At best, it takes ten minutes to charge, but can only be used for a total on time of two point five seconds.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I'm funny

the ultimate68
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What's dueling?

Wolfgang Visarett
Posted 2/15/2007 6:41:52 PM
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Dur, is leik wen 2 ppl get 2geter n atk each oter w/ wurds.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dominion - A Writing Sample

Reports had been circulating along the news networks of a terrorist act that was about to be committed, how a large-scale tower in the city center had been threatened, and that if this building collapsed, it would take a good chunk of the downtown core with it. The stories indicated a young man that looked to be in his mid-to-late-twenties with icy eyes, a slim but toned build and three feathers twined into his hair. Police had been called in, investigators had trawled for clues, and special operations teams had crawled across the metropolitan core for signs of explosives. They didn't find anything, but the rumors persisted.

Then on a sunny afternoon, when the partially cloudy sky was tinged orange beneath the strange sun, the top forty-seven stories of the Kyusk & Svalonavich building, a five-hundred seventy story building, crumpled inward from a series of plasma blasts before tumbling in slow-motion for the series of raised highways and thoroughfares below. The terrorist attack was on the five o'clock news, local time, and the pasty-white face of the terrorist responsible for the atrocious act was plastered to every holo-screen from Demerald Street to York Avenue.

His name? Drenard A Romyal, a low-time criminal that had been making news headlines for the past eight months on this planet, Vivasdre. This was just another in a long series of terrorist acts, each and every one linked to him; he openly admitted to it, as well, using the ensuing hatred to plan as fuel for his next attacks, all of them culminating to the newly destroyed Kyusk & Svalonavich building, a shipping, import and export company that was a parent corporation for thousands, if not millions, of other subsidiaries and company's. Previous attacks had been against various pieces of infrastructure: subway and skyway stations, highways and freeways, banks, credit offices. He'd even hit several government offices. There was a hefty reward for his capture, much larger than the bounty for his head, which was steadily gaining along with the reward.

He was almost a celebrity. Several media shows and outlets were dedicated to hunting him, tracking him, talking to eye-witness reports of encounters with him. He was described as jovial, brooding, cold, calm, quiet, funny, an interesting figure altogether. He was talked about in print, on holo-graphics across the city, by people in shops. He was despised by many, loved by few, and none on this wretched, corporate-controlled world even had a clue as to who he really was or what his goals were or even as to why he was here.

The truth, however, was far more interesting than the brutal attacks this creature committed.

Drenard A. Romyal was a Vadasian, a species unheard of to the other multitudes of species abounding on this planet and other nearby inhabited star systems. It was not just that Drenard was Vadasian, it was what he was doing as a Vadasian that would be so intriguing. His species had long ago declared a holy war against all other species, and being the xenophobic race they were, wished all other races dead. Their war was oft-times postponed, jarring to a halt. They mitigated with other races, cut deals, made trade. In essence, they played the peace game, but beneath that, behind the velvet red curtains, they played their shadow war against other peoples and species and races, undercutting them at every turn. And that was why Drenard was here, on this planet that was in a galaxy in an alternate dimension, uncharted to all except the Vadasian. Upsetting the natural balance. The truth is that Drenard is a covert operations agent, and he was sent to the world of Vivasdre to destabilize the economy through a series of terrorist attacks, and he was succeeding phenomenally.

He sat hackneyed, starring across the bay at the tumbling tower, the plumes of black smoke and was riveted to the spot. He could hear the explosion, the crumpling tower crashing downward, the splintering glass, the shower of debris and detritus. And inwardly, he thought he could hear the cries of despair and pain of the newly dying. After a few moments of watching, he made a crude human hand gesture at the newly crumbled city center, a learned trait, before standing up and walking away, the wind coming in off the water with the smell of salt and tears and pollution.

He walked with a newfound bounce in his step and a grin on his face. Oh, what tomorrow would bring.




Tomorrow wasn't what Drenard thought it would be. When he awoke at four in the morning, his groggy mind at first thought it was way too early to be moving from his previous comatose state. He was also slightly angered, cursing vividly at the noise outside the low-rent dumpster of a buildings' window. It was as his mind began to engage that everything clicked. The ear-splitting shriek that so penetrated these walls wasn't an ordinary sound so found in this part of town. It was that of a cruiser, and not just one cruiser. No, he could heard the distinct wail of dozens of cruisers...all of them police or otherwise. The law would only come with such bravado and force if they felt they would need it.

His heart began to pound. Someone had ratted him out, but who? Who would have been able to see him enter the building? How was it that he had been found out? Cornered, he knew he had only a singular option, run. Fighting would only draw attention to himself, it would also have the double effect of slowing him down and costing him the time he needed to get away.

Letting out a new string of curses, he began pulling on street clothes, making sure to pick up the various weapons he had laying about the room and stuffing them into a Jorgani stone pendant about his neck. He also activated his armor, and with such, smashed the window (which would usually take a vehicle with a mass of a ton moving at fifty kilometers and hour to do) and jumped through. He landed on the alley floor seven stories below amid a sudden outburst of silenced awe and screeching fear. His left arm swung towards the now screaming woman with her child, morphing and elongating until it formed the barrel of a cannon. The end glowed yellow-green with ferocious speed before erupting in a single charged ball of energy that crossed the distant in less time it took to blink. The woman's head turned to a charred heap, smoking oddly as the child that had been hiding under its parents' arm began to shriek all its own at the sudden destruction of the mother it no longer had.

Drenard didn't spare another thought to the carnage he had let loose, and instead began to run, a quick sprinters jog that he could keep up for more than half the day. He'd need to get out of the area, highjack a vehicle and get farther away from the scene. Either that or he might have to call in for extraction. That wouldn't sit well, and he would likely be reprimanded for improper procedure and a replacement sent here to take over where he left off. Either way, Drenard felt things were going downhill, and fast. He swore again. What a way to start his day.

Monday, February 12, 2007


Since joining the army, I've moved around a bit, seen different places, done different things, sometimes exciting and interesting, sometimes not so. But in my travels, I've found that the prairie provinces of Canada all have something in common: they're flat, and by flat I mean uninteresting, uninspired and boring. And they're cold. When the guy on the radio station is talking about there being a high of -25 Celsius, it's pretty fucking cold. I have driven the highways here in Manitoba, and even in Alberta. You drive in a straight line for hours on end. It gets to the point where I start considering a corner and bend in the road a provincial attraction. Yeah, a pretty uninspiring place to be, but that's just where I happen to be.

Anyway, I started my LAV III Driver course today. Just doing administrative bullshit, which I've come to expect at the beginning of any course. The next couple weeks I'm going to be belt-feed information at such a speed, it will be a wonder if I manage to recall any of it. I can't wait. No, really, please insert that drill into the side of my skull, I like oozing gray matter on the floor. It's like a new kind of paint. Really, I like partially pink with a mist of red.

So I got a Samsung 19" HD flatscreen this weekend. A sleek looking black. It's sitting to my right. I can't wait until I get my stuff, then I can do some sort of gaming setup, have my laptop to my left, games to my right, and a geeking (or nerding, however you look at it) session. On the flipside, though, I lost Internet for the entire weekend, since the wireless router I had decided to crap out, becoming another cancerous growth of plastic and cords shuffling along on the other side of the room. It had to be put down, boxed up, and taken back for a full refund. Ended up getting the exact same router a day later.

Now, I can see you sitting there reading this: "You bought the exact same router, even after the first one proved glitchy without the problem ever being resolved? Are you fucking retarded?" Well, I thought that same thought myself, but as it so happens, despite it being the same router, it has no had any problems whatsoever. I just chocked it up to the last one being defective, because it would definitely look bad if I walked back into FutureShop demanding a refund because the router crapped out on me again...after buying the same one.

But, as I was saying, without Internet. This meant there was no Tibia playing whatsoever, so my rather lackluster level 26 Paladin did not get the distance skill advances he so needed, or that I so desired. So, now I need to play catch-up to my buddy who's skills have surpassed mine in the game (weapons skills). Ah, the joys of "friendly" competition. And now I'm off to run over small rodents...that deserve it...and don't.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Okay, yeah...

So, I guess I'm more than likely, in all actually am, going to be using this blog again just for simple blogging purposes, even though its original design was to be used as a space to talk about role playing and dueling. Then again, I could do that at the odd interval where I feel like it, but then I'd need someone to bother to ask me a question and I sit around thinking about a good way to answer said question. So, until people start asking relevant questions, I'm going to sit here twiddling my thumbs and posting crap that's going on in my life that really isn't relevant to dueling or role playing in the slightest.

Anyway, I finally made it to battalion. You can ooh and ahh all you want. I think it's a pretty sweet deal, being treated like a person again. Having my evenings off to do what I want. Being able to lounge around on the weekend without worry of it being taken away suddenly without warning. And the fact that I can do most anything I want (since I don't have a car, I can't just up and leave for the next town on the weekends).

Well, anyway, I'm on course. I'm being trained to be a LAV III (Light Armored Vehicle) driver. Should be good. In the meantime, before said course, I've been taking other courses. I'm currently doing my G-Wagon/LUVW driver/wheel course. A lot of driving in the course of two weeks. Most of it's bullshit, though, since I already have my license. The course is designed more for people who have never even touched, let alone seen, a car in their entire life. Pretty boring some of the classes I was subjugated to, but oh well.

On the gaming front, I fool around with my PSP playing Killzone: Liberation on/off. I've also gotten back into Tibia. Who didn't see that coming? I always figured I'd gravitate back into that game, and I did. Luckily, my skills are slowly going up, which is a nice change of pace. 64/47. Not too, too shabby, although I'd rather had a distance skill of 70+ for my level 25 Paladin. Yeah, I'm way to geeky for my own good. So much so, that I ordered in Justice League: Unlimited Season 2 on DVD, and it isn't even out yet. Also Batman Beyond Season 3. Add on the books, and, well, yeah, I'm a geek.

There's also the fact I've been getting back into working on my site. Now if only I could find that muse of mine that I lost somewhere and get back into writing. Dueling and role playing wouldn't be a bad idea, either. Although sometimes I wonder if I've grown out of that. Who knows. Maybe someday I'll find out when my disgruntled brain decides to work with me on a common subject matter. Until then, I'm mentally retarded and confused, and you, the reader, are even more fucked up. Thank you.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Laziness Strikes Again!

Everyone is inherently lazy. Even the most active of writers are lazy in some respect. Duelists and role-players are no exception. You'll find that we're all lazy on some level, whether it be in the time it takes them to write a post, or when it comes to the creation of their character and its background. An interesting thing, at least I find, is that some role players seem to gloss over the motivating factor behind their character.

Their character shines, sparkles, has that new-car gleam and smell to them. They go from 0 to 240 MPH in sixty seconds, can pull off amazing acrobatic moves and is capable of slaughtering whole armies without breaking a sweat. And we have no clue as to why said character with all this ability is doing it. We don't know their motivation, their reasoning. All we know is that they're off killing.

Some people attempt to counter-act this and give a passing glance at their "motivation," which sometimes really isn't much motivation for a person to fight. Tournaments, yeah, you're there to win. It's a tourney, state it as such. But the "random encounter duel," you need a reason to be fighting. It's that simple. You can suddenly just jump at each others' throats unless your characters are nothing more than rambling, psychotic creatures.

So, where's the motivation? And better yet, where's mine?


- W. Visarett