Thursday, July 04, 2013

Forum Dueling Basics -- Quick Links

A set of quick links to all the FDB stuff I've written over the years.

And I Thought This Wasn't Possible: Overpowering, and why it is and isn't.

The Long Road: A thought on how to improve your writing.

Dialogue: The Misfortune of Talking to Others: Natural conversation as opposed to forced.

The Art of the Internal: Internal monologue and its place in dueling.

Judging Focus: An idea on where and how a duel should be judged.

Just Die Already: A thought on the invicibility of characters and their inability to take damage.

How to Be: Things that can be done to give oneself an advantage in a duel.

Tech: An analysis of tech and its uses in a duel. It's strengths, weakness, and why you want it. (Vol. 1, Vol. 2)

Flow: A basic overview of flow in writing.

Forces: Talking about the amount of force (all the way up to deadly) a character can put out.

Attack/Counter Scenarios: A series of scenarios involving attacks and counters illustrating how there are multiple ways of dealing with an attack.

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